Working to reclaim our skies!!
... in Santa Cruz, CA and beyond!

Chemtrail Action Network (CAN) is a group of concerned citizens working together to
put an end to aerial obscuration projects and persistent contrails (a.k.a. chemtrails).
We are based in Santa Cruz, California and there are also other CAN groups getting
organized in other cities as well.

Our local mission in CAN is to collaborate with local and state government,
environmental groups, and with the community to increase awareness and knowledge
of chemtrail operations and to bring an end to these operations within city/county
limits. We would like for Santa Cruz to be a chemtrail-free zone so that we can breathe
freely without health concerns and to be a model city for others to follow.

We would like to have legislation created that will prohibit chemical spraying within the
skies above Santa Cruz and that will also hold violators accountable. We would like to
have full disclosure made available as to what is being sprayed, the reasons for it, and
the possible/documented health complications and side effects thereof.

The city of Berkley has passed a resolution declaring that the space above the city is
to be a space-based weapons-free zone. We in CAN would like a similar resolution
passed in Santa Cruz and want the means made available to enforce such a

CAN is currently having regular meetings and we have a petition circulating for the
elected officials of Santa Cruz, CA to take action in this matter and to help CAN
accomplish the goals that we have mentioned. The public is waking up to this
important issue and many concerned citizens are demanding that action be taken to
put an end to these chemtrail operations. has numerous local Santa Cruz photos available of chemtrails
along with time-lapse video footage and much more additional information on the
subject. Please do some research and watch the skies. And remember, normal jet
contrails evaporate within minutes while chemtrails spread out and eventually
overcast the sky.

Look up, wake up, and speak out! Together, we can put an end to chemtrails and help
make the world a safer place.

Click here to view the petition.
Download it and circulate it!! Help put an end to chemtrails!!

Sign up to the local CAN e-mail list!!
Get chemtrail info and updates!!
Come to the meetings and get involved!!


Start a local CAN in your city!!
Help make a difference!

And let's remember, this is something that affects each and every one of us.
This is not a liberal or conservative issue. These spray operations have
existed under both Democrat and Republican administrations.

This is not a 'right wing' or 'left wing' matter.
They're using both wings to spray us!!


For information about chemtrails, related documents and local photos, please visit


Educate yourself!!

And then take action to help stop chemtrails!! | What are chemtrails? | Get Involved! | Report chemtrails! | Contact C.A.N.