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September 28, 2006

NASA Awards $16M Liquid Nitrogen Contact (source)
What are they going to do with all that liquid nitrogen?
Liquid Nitrogen has long been used for weather modification attempts.


Geoengineering Vision-Application for Space Solar Power
"Geoengineering is defined as the use of technology to interact with the global environment. A Solar Power Satellite represents a capability for considering geoengineering concepts. The Thunderstorm Solar Power Satellite (TSPS) is a concept for interacting with thunderstorms to prevent formation of tornadoes."



More on Eastlund - HAARP Inventor


"South Africa's award-winning rainfall enhancement program
may soon be back on track"
-engineeringnews.co.za Published: 2006/09/29 (source)


September 20, 2006
Hold on to your seats!
Chemtrails hit major news publications of MSNBC and Reuters.
Slanted of course, they will spray you for your own good.

Tom Wigley says "the most sensible way to get sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere
would be to send numerous planes
— more than the world’s current
commercial airline fleet — to take it there....Another method to get these aerosols
into the air is the possible addition of sulfur compounds to airplane fuel"
By Deborah Zabarenko reporting for MSNBC and Reuters, Sept 14, 2006 (source)

"Creating fake volcanic eruptions could help combat global warming,
according to a new U.S. study."
Sydney, Australia September 19, 2006 By Erica Harrison (source)

"Two-pronged approach to stabilizing global warming, with cuts in greenhouse gas emissions combined with the release of heat-reflecting particles into the atmosphere."
By Rocky Mountain News September 14, 2006(source)

Rutgers University climate scientist Alan Robock worries that an aerosol operation
could mean "we wouldn't have blue skies anymore,"

Ivan Amato September 18, 2006 Chemical & Engineering News (source)
Tom Wigley
"The most sensible way to get sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere would be to send numerous planes... to take it there"
Weather Modification at its worst! Check out his resume.


"It would take about 5.3 billion kg of sulfur introduced into the stratosphere per year to compensate for a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, Crutzen says."
Nobel Prize-winner chemist Paul Crutzen
"Artificial injections of sulfur into the stratosphere would cool Earth, suggests scientist."
September 18, 2006 Chemical & Engineering News (source)


There are so many main stream news articles at this link provided by The National
Center for Atmospheric Research and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. Please explore. (backup)

"The commission's request has forced Aquiess principal David Miles to put all
`weather modification activities' on standby while he focuses on gathering the necessary documentation, supporting files and archived materials."
"Senior department climate-risk researchers have slammed the company
for promoting its rain-boosting resonance technology ."

-Jessica Harris Friday, 15 September 2006 Wimmera news in Canada (source)


September 18, 2006

H.R. 2420: Space Preservation Act of 2005
109th U.S. Congress (2005-2006
) (source)
Watered down and no mention of chemtrals like the original bill


September 14, 2006

"EPA Misled Public on 9/11 Pollution,
White House ordered false assurances on air quality"

by Laurie Garrett Common Dreams (source)

What else would they lie about?


September 13, 2006

Weather Modification by Carbon Dust Absorption of Solar Energy (pdf)
Journal of Applied Meteorology: Vol. 15, No. 4, pp. 355–386. 1974 (source)

"Extreme Global Warming Fix Proposed: Fill the Skies With Sulfur"
Kate Ravilious for National Geographic News August 4, 2006 (source)

"China to test its 'artificial sun'"- NewsTrack - Science (source)

"Non Leathal Warfare Proposal: Weather Modification"
-China Lake Weapon Labs, CA

"The Unholy HAARP Doomsday Array" by Mark Lowenthal

"How Earth-Scale Engineering Can Save the Planet" Popular Science (source)

"Simulations of ELF radiation generated by heating the high-latitude D"
Office of Naval Research (source)


September 12, 2006

"A Nobel Prize-winning scientist has drawn up an emergency plan to save
the world from global warming, by altering the chemical makeup
of Earth's upper atmosphere
." - By Steve Connor, Science Editor


"U.S. Satellite Protection Scheme Could Affect Global Communications"
-Science Daily August 14, 2006 (source)


September 10, 2006.

Little Miss Sunshine a movie currently playing.

It is getting harder and harder to get footage without chemtrails.

"Last May, a family in Iowa contacted the office of Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) to report the constant criss-crossing of "chemtrails" in the sky above their neighborhood.
They received back from the senator's office a General Accounting Office (GAO)
report on "military chaff" and the material safety data sheet for aluminum-coated
fiberglass fibers being spread-seven days a week for several hours each day-in
the skies above their home.
-The Idaho Observer (source)


August 30, 2006


"it's as if the entire Gulf Coast were obliterated by a --
the worst kind of weapon you can imagine."

-G.W. Bush said. September 2, 2005 after viewing the effects of Katrina (scorce)

"I suspect most of our storms from now on will have appreciable
weather engineering added, to cause more damage."

-Tom Bearden

Katrina: Force of nature or WMD? Pocatello weatherman wants to know
-By Mary Grossman; Planet Jackson Hole (scorce)

"I am completely convinced that Katrina was a engineered storm."

Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
-by Sherman H. Skolnick

UN-banned weapon system can trigger hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis
- bellaciao.org

Weather Warfare: Was Katrina A Man-Made Hurricane?

Hurricane a Crisis Reaction Solution game
Crisis= Hurricane
Reaction = we must do something
Solution = Weather Modification - you ask for it, Senate Bill 517

Ben Livingston: Cloud physicist has eye on hurricane control

Katrina- weather modification at its worst.
By Scott Stevens, Meterologist
PLEASE LOOK at the rest of these satellite photos of Katrina as it hits.

"29 August 2005 1425Z Many scalar signatures visible as the hurricane rolls
over the marshy lowlands of southeastern Louisiana."

"...National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), weather
scientist Ross Hoffman argues that technologies including targeted satellites
could change the course of hurricanes enough to save [and destroy] lives"

-September 18, 2005 The Sun-Herald


August 26, 2006

Fer De Lance: A Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic
by T. E. Bearden


August 23, 2006

'Radiation Belt Remediation' Plan
"We've calculated that Earth's upper atmosphere would be
dramatically affected by such a system"

The ARRL Letter Vol. 25, No. 33 August 18, 2006 (Source: )

Santa Rosa, CA


August 22, 2006

video of trails

August 15, 2006 Whitehorse, YT, CANADA

February 23, 2006 Scottsdale Arizona

Weather Russians
Russia diverted Chernobyl Rain
by -Justin Sparks, The Sunday Times, Aug 8, 2004


August 19, 2006

FDA approves the secret spraying of viruses on your meats.
Associated Press August 18, 2006

Time to become a vegetarian!

Scarborough Country highlights how Bayer knowingly dispensed medicine
that was known to be contaminated with AIDS virus (video)


August 14 , 2006



"Locally, insecticide fogging will occur in an area roughly bounded by Williams Road in San Jose, Winchester Boulevard in San Jose and Campbell, Century Drive and Budd Avenue in Campbell, and San Tomas Aquino Road and a small part of Saratoga Avenue in San Jose." Aug. 14, 2006, Mercury News (source)

Vector Control sees it fit to spray even when there has not
been a human case of west nile virus in the area!
``It's just a matter of time that we should be getting our first human case,'' Costa said.
Aug. 14, 2006, Mercury News (source)

Dr. Len Horowotz Calls West Nile Virus
Pesticide Spraying Program "Madness"



August 9 , 2006
BAE SYSTEMS Software Selected for Airport Mapping Project
SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 8, 2006 (source)





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