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July 31, 2006
A nice informative short introduction video to chemtrails.
Chemtrails A line in the sky, by Mick Chester.

YouTube has additional videos on chemtrails.


July 27, 2006

U.S. Air Force Linked to Electronic Warfare Attack in Tennessee
By Alfred Webre, EcoNews Service (Vancouver, BC) (source)


July 24, 2006

10am Clifford Carnicom on the Alex Jone's Show

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 8 part 9 part 10


July 12, 2006

Peter Cordani has one of the boldest: airdrop 400 tons of superabsorbent
powder into an approaching hurricane... “We know it would suck the moisture out,”
he said. “The only thing we don’t know about is the (impact on a) hurricane and
the after effects.”
(well gee, lets try it anyways- duh) By JAMES JANEGA / Chicago Tribune
Thursday, Jul 06, 2006

"In the U.S. there were 53 reported weather-modification projects
last year with a combined price of more than $5 million"

Colorado Water Conservation Board, which recently renewed Smith’s weather modification permit for the next year to fire off sound waves that supposedly
stop the nasty ice pellets
. By DEEDEE CORRELL THE GAZETTE, June 15, 2006 (source)

"Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered 10 cloud-seeding planes into the air, to
induce rain" Even though the National Research Council concluding that "there still
is no convincing scientific proof of the efficacy of intentional weather
modification efforts."
Alex Hutchinson, CanWest News Service (source)


July 11, 2006


July 7, 2006

-11:59pm - 4am!
"County vector control crews were scheduled to spray the chemical in a
fine mist
through parts of West San Jose and Saratoga overnight," CA
They will spray a 62-mile residential area during late Friday night when
residents will be returning home after a typical late Friday night. Also choose to
spray when families will be home the next two days (weekend), and not at work,
to inhale the residue.- How thoughtful.

"Marsha Miliman was among an estimated 800 people who attended a
community meeting Wednesday at Lynbrook High School about the fogging.
Miliman said she was not swayed by county health officials, who assured the
crowd that Pyrenone 25-5 is safe. " -
By Yomi S. Wronge Mercury News (source)

Take the Poll
Should communities spray for mosquitoes
to curb the spread of West Nile virus?


July 4, 2006

"If you go by Murphy's Law, it's possibly going to be a worse year" (for mosquitoes). Bob Kaufman's (field operations supervisor for the vector control department) logical and scientific thinking he uses to decide if, when and how much chemicals to spray
in our air, over our homes and on our children's playground.

San Jose Community Meeting to discuss West Nile Spraying
7pm Wednesday at Lynbrook High School, 1280 Johnson ave, San Jose.

Read 10 Top Lies About West Nile Virus!

"Why Pesticide Spraying for West Nile Virus in
California May Cause More Harm Than Good


Global Survey Finds Asthma Deaths on the Rise
By William J. Kole Associated Press (source)


Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho loves chemtrails and Senate Bill 517
Senator Larry Craig of Idaho loves chemtrails and Senate Bill 517


July 2, 2006

Spirit AeroSystems, buys BAE (HAARP) (source)

What an evil trio Spirit AeroSystems, BAE (HAARP) and Clear Channel.

They will spray you and you will love it -Happy Birthday!

June 28, 2006
Heavy Rains Trigger State of Emergency in North East.
Its amazing how they can tell where it will flood even before the rain starts.

"Rains worry local emergency officials"
By Matt Pacenza, Times Union, Wednesday,


June 20, 2006

China's 37,000 full and part-time rainmakers uses about 30 aircraft, 4,000
rocket launchers and more than 7,000 artillery to dump chemicals into the sky.
June 16 2006 Financial Times (source)

Chemtrails/ "Persistant Contrails" are causing global warming.
At certain altitudes, aircraft produce contrails...These contrails have an effect on the climate. Because they are clouds, they trap heat that is emitted by the Earth's surface, creating a "greenhouse effect" that adds to global warming. (source)


June 14, 2006

Who profits by modifying the weather?
If you think about the annual amount spent on weather mod by the state -
$120,000 - for every one dollar we spend there is a $5 savings to the insurance companies.
" (source)

Chemtrail Technique


Prediction or Warning about the 2006 Hurricane Season
"May 22, 2006 — NOAA today announced to America and its neighbors throughout the north Atlantic region that a very active hurricane season is looming, and encouraged individuals to make preparations to better protect their lives and livelihoods."

"NOAA’s 2006 Atlantic hurricane season outlook indicates an 80% chance of an above-normal hurricane season, a 15% chance of a near-normal season, and only a 5% chance of a below-normal season." --(source)

Remember that heating of the ocean's temperature can escalate a hurricane and ionosphere heaters like Haarp can easily heat the ocean's temperature. (source)


June 12, 2006

"chemical application, and even weather modification"

Senator Larry Craig of Idaho loves chemtrails and Senate Bill 517.

"Congress should authorize up to $100 million over three years for
hurricane-modification research, including Dyn-O-Mat's plan"

-By DEROY MURDOCK Scripps Howard News 01-JUN-06 (source)

"China Lake also developed the Sidewinder missile and expanded into more
diverse fields such as weather-modification and satellite-delivery systems."

- May 3, 2006 The Daily Independent (source)

"Particles are dropped or fired into clouds in an effort to change levels of
By Finlo Rohrer BBC News Magazine (source)

"a 2003 National Research Council report concluded that there’s no proof
that weather modification efforts are effective
" -Vail Daily May 3, 2006 (source)

"China moves to enslave Mother Nature"- 5th May 2006 (source)

Thai "King to get rain patents" Thursday June 08, 2006
Bangkok Post(source)

"Scientific-based cloud seeding took off after World War II "
-The Hutchinson News(source)


Every where in the USA

"The 100 billion dollar missile stopper in Alaska and the HAARP system in Alaska,
designed to study and eventually control the weather against our enemies."
by Linda Zoblotsky, peacejournalism.com 2006 (source)


"...chemtrails and weather modification by the military (see HAARP),
and other critical issues are deliberately avoided"

Tibor S. Friedman Online Journal (source)




June 8, 2006

United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS)
to Hold 49th Session in Vienna -June 6- 17, 2006
This years focus is "To Discuss Use of Satellite Technology to Protect Water Resources
and Forests, and Coordination of International Cooperation in Space-Based Disaster Management"
- (source)
I wonder if they will be talking about the effects of their international aerosol program
or HAARP technology on our vanishing water and forests?


"There's no place in an urban environment that you can go to right
now that you're not being looked at with a video camera and
you have nothing to fear from your own government"

-Commander Heal of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD)
Commander Heal made the above comment when talking about the new use of drone aircraft
that have "different cameras - colour, low light and even infra-red It has different cameras -
colour, low light and even infra-red - and so as a result of that we can even find heat signatures that are coming through the bushes and overhead
" (source)
Planes can do so many things humm.
Now do you feel safer?- NO!
Lets see what else can drone aircraft do. __backup


June 6, 2006

"Climate Control, Beijing-Style"
By Melinda Liu Newsweek International (source)


June 5 , 2006






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