July 23-24, 2004

July 24, 2004

"A National Research Council study of weather modification
programs issued last October takes a dim view of cloud-seeding"


This is what the pentagon does with the money it gets from congress.
The money goes to BAE, the folks who own HAARP. The money also
goes to MicroSat Systems to conduct research in "low frequency wave
transmission and propagation in the magnetosphere and space weather."


July 23, 2004

Senate (95-0) and Congress (410-12) approved amendments in a vote
yesterday to give the largest military budget in the history of the United
States another 417.5 billion. When we give money to the military part of that
money goes to aerosol operations (i.e. HAARP, Aritficial Weather).
Therefore, when Congress and the Senate approve these types of budgets,
they are actually approving the use of space as a weapon and they are approving
the use of chemtrails! They speak for peace but their actions support war.
As of today, Santa Cruz County has paid about 24 million towards the cost of war.

The following local politicians voted to give the already largest
military budget in the history of the United States another 417.5 billion:

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (831) 335-2020
Congressman Sam Farr (831) 429-1976
Senator Barbara Boxer (415) 403-0100
Senator Dianne Feinstein (415) 393-0707

Dennis Kucinich wrote legislation opposing the use of "chemtrails"
and space based weapons
. He is an informed congressman and did
not vote to give the military more money to use for immoral and
unethical practices like aerosol operations and weather modification.


Congress approved 131.1 million dollars for unmanned aircraft. I guess it is
easy to keep a covert operation secret when there are no humans involved.






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