September 3-16, 2004

September 16, 2004

Recent communication shut down between pilots and air traffic controller has
the FAA blaming everything and everyone from technical failures to employee
negligence. However, we know of a few things that are capable of a system wide
failure of this magnitude: chemspraying, chaff and HAARP. How can we
trust their explanation when we catch them consistently lying in so many other areas.
Associated Press reports on a near aviation catastrophe
and reveals FAA rules regarding flight proximity


How to unwind that twister
"Amateur hurricane-busters have come up with any number of crackpot
ideas to spare Florida from ferocious storms. Among them: blowing
hurricanes away with giant fans or blowing them up with nuclear warheads."


A Frenchman who can see water beneath the Sahara
"'weather modification bureaus' reportedly use planes, antiaircraft
guns, and rocket launchers to put chemicals into clouds..."

How far will they go to get water from clouds without doing the obvious?
STOP cutting the trees that give us precipitation and water!
Do we really want chemical rain?


September 11, 2004

Remember September 11, 2001?
Skies covered with chemtrails with all commercial aircraft grounded


September 10, 2004

How much money does Williams County, ND spends on "weather modification"?
The truth comes out in the least likely places.


September 3, 2004

Big Bear Grizzly Reports from Big Bear Lake, California

"Cloud seeding is... done either from the air with a plane flying above or
through clouds or from the ground with a propane-operated generator.
Silver iodide released into the clouds convert ice crystals in the clouds into
moisture which falls as either rain or snow."

Adding chemicals to the air that in turn falls to the ground and blankets our
agriculture, forests, and lakes in chemicals is crazy. We drink these chemicals,
and our children soak in pools full of chemicals. Weather modification experiments
like cloud seeding do not address the real issues of drought. Maybe if they stopped
cutting the forest at an alarming rate, trees could do their job. Weather modification,
using weather as a weapon and ionosphere heaters are a violation to all who live
and breathe on this planet. This must stop!


This is the summer sky over Mount Hood.
Do you want to go camping? The air is fresh with chemicals.






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