December 9-25, 2004

December 25, 2004

-By: Devvy December 25, 2004


December 24, 2004

This photo was taken at 31k feet over the Rocky Mountains.

There was a lot of spray activity over that area.


December 23, 2004
"Committee approves cloud-seeding study".
"$8.8 million for a five-year weather modification study...
The cloud seeding study is the single most costly project on the list ...
The testing involves dispersing silver iodide into the clouds from aircraft or
ground-based burners to speed up ice formation within the clouds."


December 21, 2004

Today there is an unusually large amount emails from citizens concerned
about the abnormally high spray activity in their areas today. Please stay
as healthy as you can. Here are just a few from the many emails I have
received today:

"Howdy, I see these all the time and have been aware of them since about 1998 when we
moved here. Something seems to be up since they have been spraying very heavy for
this past 5-7 days or so. note: I am at 1200 ft elevation and these trails seem to be MUCH
lower than any 30k ft'. Anyway, here's a pic via the widest angle lense I had.
I took the pic at 940 am today. keep up the good work." -jd

Santa Cruz Mountains

"This morning as I was driving to work at around 9:45am from Campbell, CA to Saratoga, CA
I noticed three streams in the sky, one in progress. They were equadistant and parallel.
They must have been made either by the same airplane or at least almost at the same time.
They stayed in the sky and became cloud looking. The plane was low enough to make out
at least two streams coming from it." -NS


December 15, 2004


December 14, 2004

While most were still sleeping this morning
some were at work spraying our skies.

At 1:30 pm they are still spraying.


December 10, 2004

December 9, 2004
A silver-iodide lining Cloud seeding has experts seeking one

"The nation is spending millions on cloud seeding,
but we're spending almost no money on research"....

So, they admit we are the lab rats in their research!!!
They dont know if it will change the climate or if it will make people sick or worse!

Pilot Voices Potential Cause for Florida’s Hurricanes.
"In her book, 2012 Airborne Prophesy, Nina takes us to the year 2011 where her
theories are expounded upon in a fictional presentation. She projects that wireless technology compounds to create rogue frequencies where electromagnetic waves intersect. These new wavelengths contribute to the continued destruction of the
ozone layer, increased electrical storms, instability of the earth’s crust generating
more earthquakes and volcanoes, and more weather extremes."





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