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'Cloud seeding' is the attempt to change the amount or type of precipitation that falls out of clouds or the structure of clouds by using certain chemicals dispersed by various means.
The most common chemicals used but not limited to for cloud seeding include silver
iodide and dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide). These chemicals may be dispersed
by aircraft or by dispersion devices located on the ground.

For example, silver iodide flares will be ignited as an aircraft flies
through a cloud. When released by devices on the ground, air currents may pull the fine
particles up into the air. The hope is with cloud seeding is that chemicals provide a nucleus for moisture in the cloud to form around, which they hope will cause the precipitation to increase from the clouds or cause the clouds to become less dense. It is debated whether cloud
seeding increases the amount of precipitation from a cloud. Part of the problem is that it is impossible to know how much precipitation would have occurred had the cloud not been seeded.

The first largely noted attempt at cloud seeding was in the state of Massachusetts in 1946.
A plane seeded a cloud with crushed dry ice; snow began falling out of that cloud. Noted atmospheric scientist Bernard Vonnegut (brother of novelist Kurt Vonnegut) is credited with discovering the potential of silver iodide for use in cloud seeding. An attempt by the US to
modify hurricanes in the Atlantic basin using cloud seeding in the 1950's was called Project Stormfury. Watch video of Ben Livingston, Naval Weapons Center and Navy Post Graduate,
talk about his part in Project Stormfury

Today, cloud seeding is used to attempt to increase precipitation in areas experiencing
drought, to attempt to reduce the size of hailstones that form in thunderstorms, and to attempt to
reduce the amount of fog in and around airports. Cloud seeding is also used by some major ski resorts to induce snow fall with questionable results. Currently the National Research Council concludes that "there still is no convincing scientific proof of the efficacy of intentional weather modification efforts."

In our opinion cloud seeding is a voiloation of our rights. There should be no weather modification at all. The air, clouds or the atomosphere does not belong to any one country, government or for profit agency. Also, there has been no long term study as to the health effects to humans, animals and the enviorment. To seed clouds without the express consent of the people is to conduct human experimention against the will of the people. There is no concrete proof that cloud seeding works. Could seeding experiments should be stopped now!


LA County Board of Supervisors approved $800,000 for
weather modification cl
oud seeding program SF Gate

"Cloud seeding with Nano-bacteria
a dangerous weapon of artificially manipulating the weather"

A study by the National Academy of Sciences released in
2003 found that there was no evidence that cloud-seeding worked

"silver iodide.... appears to be related to decreased soil oxygen uptake,
carbon dioxide evolution, and bacterial glucose mineralization activities."
Journal of Applied Meteorology


Weather Modification Law in the USA
by Ronald B. Standler

Global Environmental Forces

Chapter 558 Weather Modification 2005 EDITION
Legislative Counsel Committee of the Oregon Legislative Assembly (source)


"The $9 million, state-funded study involves spraying the air above the Medicine Bow, Sierra Madre and Wind River ranges with silver iodide,
using both aircraft and ground-based generators." (source
) 03/07



Public input sought on cloud-seeding study
Medicine Bow officials plan to accept comment until mid-February 2006
-By Associated Press (source)

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