WATSONVILLE: Warm weather brings mosquitoes, spraying

September 26, 2007
Coast Lines-Santa Cruz Sentinel

A helicopter will drop mosquito larvicide in Struve Slough and Pinto Lake today or Thursday, beginning at 8 a.m.

The Santa Cruz County Mosquito and Vector Control program comes as warm weather has encouraged hatching and prevents new mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry, including West Nile virus.

The state Department of Public Health reports 257 cases of West Nile this year, including 14 deaths. The virus has been found in four dead birds in the county.

County officials say this week's larvicide application is not an aerial fogging, and poses no danger to humans, fish, birds or other wildlife.

Officials ask residents to empty containers of standing water and to report biting mosquitoes at 454-2590.




Lies About West Nile Virus


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