September 11 - 13

Black Tuesday...


A public disinformation paper released by the USAF calls chemtrails a “hoax” perpetrated by people confused over contrails. It states, “The Air Force is not conducting any weather modification experiments or programs and has no plans to do so in the future.”

Ever since Project Storm Fury and Vietnam's “Operation Popeye” the United States Air Force continues to be very much into weather mod-as they claim on the same official website:

Introduced into Congress by Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich, Space Preservation Act HR2977 calls for the peaceful uses of space, and a ban on 'exotic weapons'. Section 7 seeks specifically to prohibit chemtrails. Kucinich tells Columbus Alive that despite official denials, as head of the Armed Services Oversight Committee he is well acquainted with chemtrail projects. Kucinich states, "The truth is there's an entire program in the Department of Defense, 'Vision 2020" that calls for 'dominance of space, land, sea and air'.

January 24

According to Kucinich, under intense political pressure all references to chemtrails, HAARP and other weapons capable of planetary destruction are removed from HR2977. A replacement measure-HR 3616-no longer refers to “chemtrails”. [Columbus Alive Jan 24/02]

Father's Day

Puzzled by lab tests showing extremely high electrical conductivity in city soils stunting and killing plants, Edmonton landscaper Dave Dickie wonders if there is a connection with the persistent chemical plumes he's seeing overhead. At the Edmonton airport on Father's Day 2002, Dickie and an excited group of 12 year-olds watch two KC-135 tankers dubbed “Petro 011” and “Petro 012” being tracked by radar as “HA” (High Altitude) targets flying at 34,000 and 36,000 feet - “One to the south, and one to the north of the city.”

Both USAF tankers have flown south out of Alaska. As Dickie, the kids and the controllers watch, the big jets began making patterns over Edmonton - “circuits” the controllers call it. Both Stratotankers are working alone in “commanded airspace” from which all other aircraft are excluded. And they are leaving chemtrails.

“The signature is significant,” comments a radar operator, pointing to a trail clearly visible on the scope that extends for miles behind the KC-135. In contrast, a JAL flight on the display leaves no contrail. Going outside, Dickie and several controllers scan clear blue skies. They easily locate the KC-135 leaving a broad and lingering white plume signature. They also clearly see the JAL airliner at a similar flight level. It's leaving no contrail at all.

March 28

Two Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists working at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio tell reporter Bob Fitrakis that they are involved in two aerial spraying experiments. One involves aluminum oxide spraying related to global warming. The other involves barium stearate and had to do with high-tech “over the horizon” military communications, 3-D mapping and radar.

Known as the “Tesla Center”, Ohio's Wright Patterson Air Force Base is the reputed repository of that energetic inventor's prodigious papers and patents. One of the chemtrails scientists reveals that HAARP is used to guide low-pressure systems “picked up” over Canada, and guided south over the Midwestern United States.

January 1

Carried on the front page of Pravda, an article by Duma deputy Yuri Solomatin describes how the Russian Federation State Duma spent nearly a year considering the global threat posed by HAARP. Calling HAARP a “weapon,” Solomatin warns, “The operators of such a weapon are able to program floods, tornados storms and even earthquakes in any region of the planet. It is also possible to paralyze civil and military electronic surveillance systems, and even to affect the psyche of entire nations.”

The Russian government further alleges that “the scientifically incomprehensible apathy of entire peoples in the post-Soviet territories can be connected to testing by the USA of such geophysical weapons at low power.” Referring to the 1970 convention signed by the USA prohibiting atmospheric modification, the Russian parliament is seeking a global ban on all HAARP tests.

January 29

A story in the Bancroft Times catches the eye of a new reader in Brighton, Ontario. The lawyer fires off information requests to three federal departments - Environment Canada, the Privy Council and Transport Canada. Her letters question parallel, simultaneous flights over Lake Ontario, and include photographs with the times of day and the number of flights observed on those dates. The Ontario lawyer wants to know the identity of planes flying in such close proximity, what chemicals might be present in the plumes they were trailing, what health warnings might have been issued to residents, the purpose of the spraying and under what statute the flights were conducted. The responses she receives are characterized as “evasive or incomplete.”

In Alberta, the Bancroft Times further reports, a man has sent his queries to the Alliance Party's environment critic, MP Bob Mills, who passes it upstream to Environment Minister David Anderson. In his letter to Anderson, Mills attaches "several inquiries" his office has received about chemtrails, and asks the Minister for "the government position on the chemtrail question." The Member of Parliament also wants "a reply from Ottawa addressing the environmental and health damage that chemtrails purportedly cause."
[Bancroft Times Jan 29/03; Straight]

February 16

In a story headlined, “Scientists Uneasy: Dangerous Experiments In The Greek Skies”, the Greek newspaper Ethnos reports that the town council of Aigina Island has voted to ask the Greek government to give an explanation of what is happening in the skies overhead.

June 3

Canadians have also acted to stop chemtrail spraying over their neighborhoods by the United States Air Force. Following an earlier petition by the citizens of Espanola, Ontario to the federal government in 199, on June 3, 2003 Member of Parliament Mr. John Herron addresses the House of Commons in Ottawa:

“Mr. Speaker, I am presenting a petition on behalf of Mr. Brian Holmes of Ontario regarding aerial spraying. Mr. Holmes has collected signatures from across the country from concerned Canadians who believe that chemicals used in aerial sprayings are adversely affecting the health of Canadians. The petitioners call upon Parliament to stop this type of high altitude spraying. The petition has been duly certified by the clerk and I present it at this time.” [37th PARLIAMENT, 2nd SESSION HANSARD • NUMBER 110]

The Minister of State and Leader of the Government in the House of Commons eventually responds through his Parliamentary Secretary. The “spin” he relays from the federal ministries of Health and Environment are frustratingly familiar to many chemtrails petitioners on both sides of a border ignored by the spray planes:


Vincent Gambino and Duccio Benvenuti, fly in from Rome to interview William Thomas. The two Italian filmmakers are questioned in turn after showing recent video from their 3,500-year-old village in northern Italy.

"We wake up some days and the whole sky is filled with trails, and there is no good explanation of this," Vincent says.

Their digital footage shows extensive criss-crossing plumes spreading out to obscure Italian skies-the unmistakable sign of chemtrails. Pointing to the extensive sky grids, Vincent says simply, "Impossible."

Vincent relates how a protest last year among airport workers at Fiumicino received prominent media coverage after a USAF tanker Vincent referred to as another “famous white plane” landed and taxied to a cordoned off section of Rome's international airport. "No one was allowed close for two or three days," Vincent recalls. Airport workers were angry at the secrecy surrounding the American air force plane, he said,

The Italians are especially concerned over HAARP. Despite the EU's diplomatic dissing of HAARP several years ago, the monster with electronic claws continues to grow.

Video of small white orbs filmed pacing chemtrails are also identified as advanced robot drones originally developed by the Italian military's 'Project Cipher'. The program, says Vincent, was sold to the US military after funding ran out in the 'Seventies.


2001 - 2004

[All references from Chemtrails Confirmed 2007 by William Thomas unless otherwise noted.]


A NASA study of Contrail Frequency charts air traffic densities over the United States every five-minutes at 40-kilometer intervals. The Pacific Northwest has the most contrails. Other regions of high contrail frequency are central Canada and Midwestern USA, which see twice the number of contrails as the continental average.

But in December 2001 the distribution and magnitude of potential contrails “changed dramatically” NASA reports, as a result of radical, unexpected changes in weather patterns. In Portland and Seattle regions, contrail sightings plunge. But plumes in those skies remain heavy. [10th Conference on Aviation, Range, and Aerospace Meteorology]

Contrails are not “safe”. Jet emissions linger in the clear, cold, calm of the stratosphere, modifying Earth's atmosphere about 100-times longer than when released near the ground. NOx exhaled by high-flying jets cause 30-times more atmospheric warming than nitrogen oxides emitted on the ground. Even though aircraft account for only three-percent of all human-produced NOx emissions, they contribute as much to global warming as all car emissions worldwide.

As jets climb higher into the stratosphere, their nitrogen oxide emissions begin consuming ozone. The disintegrating ozone layer stops retaining heat, causing stratospheric temperatures to plunge. As Caldeira feared, the resulting concentrations of ozone-damaging chemicals locked in those stratospheric ice clouds dramatically thin Earth's solar radiation shielding. Unfortunately, notes Airbus Industries , major European manufacturer of commercial jets , “there is no alternative to our atmosphere.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has calculated that supposedly “harmless” contrails spread across the world's skies by 12,000 civil airliners contribute as much to global warming as the carbon burnt in their jet engines.

The higher temperatures needed to boost fuel combustion and efficiency produce more NOx emissions-further eroding an already tattered ozone layer that interacts with the weather-causing lower troposphere while protecting all life from increasingly fierce nuclear reactions on the surface of the sun. Despite stunning gains in fuel efficiency from 1977 to 1988, rising passenger volumes fueled a 37% increase in fuel consumption.

With contrails down sharply, photographs and eyewitness reports of persistent white plumes left by high-flying jets flood the Internet. From Las Vegas up to Reno, over to Sacramento, up to Portland, Oregon, and then over through Idaho and down through Wyoming into Denver and back to Las Vegas… “And every bit of the way, they were spraying. The range of the spraying was just phenomenal. We covered six states in four days and saw them everywhere,” reports a Leslie. After becoming “very, very sick” it took almost two months for this schoolteacher's lungs to clear from something “that turned out to be a lung fungal infection.”

Contrails cannot form behind aircraft unless the atmosphere is very cold. As NASA explains, “Contrails only form at very high altitudes (usually above 8 kilometers) where the air is extremely cold (less than -70°F).” NASA, NOAA and other scientific cloud-gazers also agree that a relative humidity of 70% or higher is necessary for cloud and contrail formation. If the air is very dry, contrails do not form behind airplanes,” states the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Ice crystal condensation trails do not cause fungal infections in the lungs. But airborne colonies of mutated molds and fungi brought down from the irradiated upper atmosphere by chemtrails could certainly cause symptoms experienced by Leslie and tens of thousands of North Americans following chemtrail exposure.

May 28

An NCAR bulletin says that microscopic bacteria and algae aloft in the upper atmosphere apparently “play a key role in the processes that create clouds and trigger rainfall.”

A surprising series of balloon flights made high above the U.S. during the 1960s collected stratospheric samples swarming with live bacteria and fungi, as well as viruses bigger than any known at the time. This three-quarters water world is brimming with the bugs, with coastal seawater containing as many as ten million large virus-like “nannobac” particles per quart. The most populous organisms on Earth are about one-tenth the diameter and 1/1000 the volume of ordinary bacteria.

The sub-microscopic strato-bugs could play an important part in triggering rainfall and altering climate. Inadvertently precipitating these living nuclei out of the sky with large quantities of free-falling chemical aerosols could cause drought. [New Scientist Aug 26/00]

Professor Emeritus in the Department of Geology at the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Robert Folk figures that these ultra-tiny creatures are “possibly an order of magnitude more abundant” than normal bacteria that swarm everywhere. Folk chooses a lightweight metal as a matrix to grow more bugs. Under electronic magnification, Folk sees many diverse kinds of swarming nannobac. The bacteria are feasting - he calls it “metabolizing” - on… aluminum.

“Fungi just love metals,” says one researcher.

November 14-23

Dave Dickie's World Landscapes company performs contract landscape work for the City of Edmonton. Soils analysis come back with a high EC rating 4-7 (toxic). Other soil sources are rejected of course because they do not make any sense. City specifications call for a reading no higher than 1.

A $33 lab test of snow samples collected in a sterilized container confirmed elevated levels of aluminum and barium. Norwest Labs lab report #336566 finds:

* aluminum levels: 0.148 milligrams/litre
* barium levels: 0.006 milligrams/litre

December 19

A Lawrence Livermore press release warns, “There are many reasons why geoengineering is not a preferred option for climate stabilization.” These proscriptions include risks of global “system failure” and the “unpredictable responses” of Earth's climate system to large-scale human intervention.

Late December

An increasingly worried “Deep Sky” begins calling his colleagues at FAA flight centers across the United States to ask them if they are seeing what he was seeing on his own radar scopes. They are. Controllers at Chicago's O'Hare (still the busiest airport in America), all three New York City area airports, LA's LAX, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Cleveland, San Diego, Dulles, Washington DC and the nation's biggest airport in Atlanta all report tracking unusual formations of particle-emitting Air Force tankers on their scopes.

So are controllers at smaller municipal airports.

Every controllers contacted by Deep Sky is being told to divert commercial traffic below formations of tankers flying strange patterns said to be “routine”. The controllers have never seen so much “clutter” or artificial “cloudiness” obscuring their radars. At least one concerned controller working in America's heartland visits a local hospital after heavy tanker activity to find the emergency room jammed with acute respiratory cases.

“I am informed as follows:

There is no substantiated evidence, scientific or otherwise, to support the allegation that there is high altitude spraying conducted in Canadian airspace. The term "chemtrails" is a popularized expression, and there is no scientific evidence to support their existence.

“Furthermore, weather modification experiments carried out over Canadian airspace legally require that Environment Canada be notified. We have no information of any such efforts. On the other hand, it is our belief that the petitioners are seeing regular airplane condensation trails, or contrails. Contrails are long white trails made up of ice crystals left behind by jet-propelled aircraft flying at high altitude…

“The increase in air traffic, compared with 10 to 20 years ago, has inevitably caused an increase in the number of visible contrails in the sky. Also, the paths of aircraft at various altitudes can criss-cross each other. This explains why contrails sometimes form unusual patterns. Since contrails are composed primarily of water, they do not pose health risks to humans.”

[According to this spin, normal contrails have increased in frequency over the past 10 to 20 years - despite U.S. government studies showing a decrease in contrails over heavily trafficked air routes. If true, this statement indicates that a sudden massive increase persistent patterns of plumes appearing virtually overnight in many locations cannot be contrails, which supposedly took decades to increase. As for “harmless” contrails: Since normal condensation trails left behind more than 5 million annual airline flights are dimming skies worldwide, obscuring the sun and trapping its heat in what has been scientifically determined to be causing a significant increase in global warming - and since these contrails condense hot engine exhaust moisture around particles of jet fuel residue known to contain extremely carcinogenic compounds such as benzene and toluene - and since the nitrogen oxide particulates in high-altitude contrails retain 200-times more atmospheric heat than CO2, and since these same compounds are known to destroy Earth's already tattered solar radiation shielding known as the ozone layer - contrails, as well as chemtrails, are extremely hazardous to the human species.]

The reply continues:

“High altitude aerial spraying of pesticides does not occur in Canada and any spraying that is currently done in Canada does not encompass the use of large military type jet aircraft. Aerial spraying of pesticides in agricultural areas is usually accomplished using small fixed wing or rotary aircraft, both of which allow the pilot the required manoeuvrability. To maximize on-site deposit and minimize drift, these aircrafts typically fly at 2-3 metres, above the crop. Due to the large areas to be sprayed, aerial spraying in forestry does utilize larger rotary and fixed wing aircraft; however, normal aircraft heights are typically less than 50 metres above the canopy…. (blah blah etc.) Best management practices for aerial spraying of pesticides recommends these typical flying heights as high altitude aerial spraying of pesticides results in poor on-site deposit and excessive offsite drift.

[In fact - and in direct contradiction to this bafflegab - a federal government representative at the Victoria International Airport has received formal acknowledgement of this aerial activity, which is officially characterized as a “joint military operation.” (Hear Stewart clip above.)]

On his excellent chemtrails website, Brian Holmes suggest that Concerned Canadians can write:
Environment Canada
Helen Ryan
10 Wellington Street, Room 2701
Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0H3
Tel: (819) 953-2743
Fax: (819) 997-3653

Health Canada
Gisèle Albrough
A.L. 1912C1
12th Floor - Jeanne Mance Building
Tunney's Pasture
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9
Tel: (613) 954-1690
Fax: (613) 941-4541

Both ministries provide Access to Information. Send a cheque for $5.00 payable to the "Receiver General of Canada" for each request. Holmes suggests the accompanying letters “should state something on these lines”:

"Dear Sir or Madam,

Please find enclosed my cheque for $5.00 in payment of the fee for a search under the Access to Information and Privacy Act regarding all investigations made regarding high altitude aerial spraying. A petition, #372-1644 was presented to Parliament regarding such spraying and a response has been received. Copies of both are enclosed. I assume that investigations were made regarding such spraying over the years. Please send all documents regarding these investigations and the reports of the investigators. Thank you."

November 30

A skeptical friend of John Kostura hears a radio program about chemtrails. “One thing mentioned in the radio program was that usually two days following heavy spraying in an area, an ad will appear in the local newspaper asking for volunteers for a respiratory study," Kostura says. “Sure enough one day he saw the sky covered by odd contrails and two days later the ad appeared in his local news paper. That and his own subsequent respiratory illness convinced him.”. []

NASA atmospheric scientist Dr. Patrick Minnis takes advantage of the nationwide airline groundings to collect data on "contrails" that formed what he termed an aerial "shield" - a term is used by U.S. Air Force weather modification specialists flying the spray planes.

Dr. Minnis reports that this "shield of cirrus clouds" spread by just nine military aircraft covers "over 24,000 square miles." But NASA's own website states, "contrails persist for one hour only."

Meanwhile, ground observers across the United States are not seeing clear skies in the wake of the groundings.

On September 12, 2001 Caroline has just returned from northern Saskatchewan after 11days, to find “they've got 'em just like we do. I don't think you can find a corner or crevice in North America that doesn't have this crap dumped on them. Anyways it really puzzles me with all of the air traffic today supposedly at standstill, yet we're still getting chemtrailed to bits.”

Still reeling from images of a massacre in Manhattan, Rosalie writes from Chicago: ”A lot of planes today, I noticed about 4 pm, some planes lower than others, the low ones you could see that the emission was from the rear of the plane. They were in two's and three's, seemed to be centering overhead, some were circling back. We are 40 miles south of the quad-cities at the river, and about 100 miles southwest of Chicago… I am wondering why the trails would be overhead here today.”

Also from Chicago: “Last night between 1:15-1:30 a.m. I saw no less than 10 chemtrails overhead in the classic grid pattern, two of which were parallel heading south and then hard banked to the east. These were big, big trails. The following day, Bonnie writes from Maidstone to report, “On September 12, 2001, when all air traffic was supposed to be grounded, they were right over my house in Maidstone, Ontario spraying those chemtrails.”

Reporting for Chemtrail Tracking USA in Houston, Lorie Kramer discloses that on September 12, with the grounding order still in effect, chemtrails were observed over Maidstone, Ontario as well as Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Indiana; Lexington, Kentucky; southern Illinois; Detroit, Baltimore, Maryland; Eugene, Oregon and Houston, Texas: “Between 4-6 am skies became filled with wispy chemtrails could not see planes during this time. Planes sighted about 25,000 ft up making CT's at 5:57 am: two X's made over skies in northwestern suburbs. One plane made one X and two planes made the second X. They then turned off the sprays and increased altitude and flew out of area going west. X's remained in skies till at least 7:45 am. At 8:30 - 9 am two planes spotted over Livonia area making a chemtrail in shape of a circle.”

In Houston, Texas: “Heavy grid spraying north of Houston. I could easily hear these planes fly directly overhead. What's wrong with this picture? There are trails being laid in semi-circle patterns to the southwest of town. Call into area officials. “I saw the plane! No, this is not normal air traffic, because there is not supposed to be any air traffic.”

In Los Angeles: “As you all know, the airport here is shut down as well as a lot of other stuff. When the marine layer broke this morning there was an immense HAARP cloud canopy above it from horizon to horizon. Apparently offshore spraying was going on big time all night and probably right up until the attacks took place…It's my under-standing that the ban only applies to commercial air traffic, and this definitely appeared to be a military jet, going N to S directly over Santa Monica at 7:10 pm.

In Eugene, Oregon: “After watching the horrors on TV yesterday, I at least thought that our skies would be clear here in Eugene, Oregon. Not so. Although I saw no direct overflights, the sky was filled, all day with long clouds that moved in from upwind. The clouds early today look highly suspect.”

In Indianapolis, Don went outside to go to work Wednesday morning: “I look up as I usually do, but this time thinking there would be no Chemtrails because for the first time none of the 4,000 daily flights would be up there. I was absolutely floored when most of the sky was covered with Chemtrails. I know the characteristic tendrils and patterns of Chemtrails, and these were them! They also were about 3-4 hours old for the most part because I also know how long Chemtrails take to reach certain stages of spreading. If you ever needed proof for government planes causing the Chemtrails, this is it! It was impossible for these to be contrails from commercial planes, because there were zero commercial planes. They must have felt the need to spray during the night, because people would have been alarmed if they saw aircraft flying when all flights were grounded… It's ironic that bin Laden would be the one to provide positive proof of spraying…”

Glenn Boyle

Glenn Boyle

December 18

It is learned that sunlight reaching the Earth's surface has declined more than 10% in the three decades since air traffic took off. Levels of solar radiation reaching parts of the former Soviet Union have gloomily darkened almost 20% between 1960 and 1987. According to its discoverer and scientists who have confirmed his results, “Global Dimming” could be masking more drastic climate change, while stunting sunlight starved crops. But scientists say known sources of ground level pollution cannot account for drastic sky dimming. [Guardian Dec 18/03]

December 29

Tiny air-delivered particles don't just mess up the weather. The EPA reports that sub-micron particles bypass lung filters and enter the blood stream, triggering high blood pressure that can cause heart attack within two hours of inhalation. Researchers document "a significant increase" in the number of stroke victims when PM pollutant levels rise. [Idaho Observer May/04]

Harvard School of Public Health and the American Cancer Society has already found strong links between high levels of small particles and a rise in death rates. Particles in the lower size range called for by the Hughes aluminum oxide spray patent are “most strongly tied to illness and early death, particularly in people who are already susceptible to respiratory problems.”

The EPA says that particulate fallout 10 microns or smaller results in a 5% increased death rate within 24 hours. Teller and the Welsbach “chemtrail” patent calls for spraying 10 million tons of sunlight-reflecting aluminum oxide, 10 microns across.

Particulate Matter is thought to “initiate and/or exacerbate respiratory disorders, such as asthma and airway hyper-responsiveness and is epidemiologically associated with causing death in the elderly and those with pre-existing respiratory, or cardiopulmonary disease," the LA Times reports. “After they reach the heart, the particles are thought to cause a stress reaction in cells, producing inflammation that contributes to heart disease. The particles also may cause blood clots.” [Los Angeles Times Dec 29/03]

Nanoparticles 80,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair can also travel to the brain after being inhaled. [PubMed Abstract]

April 19

A blogger at reveals “the inside military codeword” among sprayplane pilots is: "Sky Spiders". Other researchers independently corroborate “Operation Cloverleaf” as the coded designation for chemtrails.

July 8

A serving board member of Greenpeace Germany from 1984-1990, and now chair of the Committee for Culture and Media of the Federal German Parliament, Monika Griefahn replies to a letter from two chemtrail activists, stating: “I am in basic agreement with your concerns. Instead of making a concerted and determined effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the world, experiments of various kinds are being carried out in the earth's atmosphere in order to cure the symptoms… I share your concern over the use of aluminium or barium compounds which have a considerable toxic potential. However, so far as I am aware the extent of their use is so far minimal.”


Just before Hurricane Frances hits Florida, its central eye suddenly expands from the usual 20 miles across to 70 nautical miles wide. “That is just unbelievably large,” exclaims a CNN affiliate out of Jacksonville. “And it's moving unbelievably slow. If it's going five, they say eight miles an hour, it could take 10 hours for the eye to go through. I mean that's crazy.”

It takes 13.

On hurricane watch at Juno Beach just north of West Palm Beach, WFOR-TVs Dave Malkoff is drawn to something on the water. “Gel foam down here on the ocean,” Malkoff tells viewers. “Once these waves crash, you're going to see something interesting. Once the waves crash they instantly mix with foam-watch! That's the foam right there. And it instantly turns into like a foam that you would have in your bathtub, and it blows away like a solid. Instantly, this foam that's coming off the ocean mixes with the sand and is blowing down this way.”

Soon afterwards, a CBS-affiliate reports from Pompano Beach: “White foam all across the water. And it is not blowing away.” The news reports remind me of an item posted on Moonbow Media: “On July 19, 2001, ABC News reported a similar story of gelatinous 'goo' again washing up on beaches in West Palm Beach, Florida. This time it turns out the substance was identified as Dyn-O-Gel.”

As for Ivan, TV commentators call it “strange” when this new hurricane abruptly turns away from making direct hits on Jamaica and the Caymans. As Ivan approaches the US Gulf Coast, a “dry air incursion” opens a wide boulevard into the eyewall, causing it to collapse. As the eye reforms and the storm wobbles toward the east, Ivan's entire southwestern quadrant becomes jagged, misshapen and devoid of rain.

The previous month, the US Air Force admitted to CNN that it had broken up a storm over the Atlantic using products made by a company called Dyn-O-Mat.

October 6

Eurpopean magazines and websites are filled with chemtrails coverage. The October 6, 2004 issue of the Swiss magazine Raum + Zeit (Space & Time) contains an article and 16 full color pages illustrating “chemtrails”.

“I'm a new member from Italy and I'm interesting to know more about contrails and, of course, chemtrails. I saw during last summer many trails in the sky over my head in the middle of Italy (between Venice and Boulogne). One day in particular I saw in a beautiful sunny day a strange trail from south to north near the sun and a rainbow on the other side. I think the problem of chemtrails could be real. The same think is for 2 Italian Parliamentarians Italo Sandi & Piero Ruzzante. They've made 2 interpellations to the Italian Parliament (the same thing of Westminster in England) in 2003 about chemtrails. Until now they have no answers!” [ www.chemtrailscardiff]

Chemtrail "X" and contrail over Ontario   photo by Jim Beck