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March 3

Introduced into the lst session of the 109th U.S. Congress, Weather Modification Operations and Research Bill 2995 seeks to “develop and implement a comprehensive and coordinated national weather modification policy and a national cooperative Federal and State program of weather modification research and development.”

Fearing major liability issues, the controversial bill is not passed.

March 23

In Toronto, a media release on World Meteorological Day, March 23, 2005 announced the birth of “Air Apparent” - a citizen's action org with “eyes wide open” that wants to know:

* What is being released or sprayed in the sky over Toronto?
* Who is releasing these substances
* Why?

Publicly wondering, “Who will help answer that question?” the group vowed to publish five dialogues with the Mayor of Toronto, the Canadian Environmental Law Association, Toronto's Environmental Alliance, as well as the federal Department of National Defence and Environment Canada. Toronto's Air Apparent “has gone to great lengths to study the known physics and science of contrails and concludes that these different substances are absolutely not contrails!

May 24

Incidence of Asthma has tripled in young women and doubled in young men since the chemtrail spraying started in the mid 1990's. The number of children suffering from asthma has shown a massive rise in the past eight years: 23% of them have suffered from the breathing disorder at some point in their lives-compared to 13% of children when a previous study was carried out in 1992. 28% of children cough at night, compared to 16% in the previous study. It is becoming a major health problem. And the severity of the illness is becoming worse. [BBC Mar 14/00]

Obesity and smoking are risk factors-especially in young women.

Medical experts say, "A Nagging Cough May Lead to Depression". [WebMD Medical News May 24/05]

August 22

The Canadian Action Party is the first Canadian federal political party to go public on chemtrails. An August 22, 2005 press release by CAP leader Connie Fogal “condemns the use of aerial spraying of aluminum and barium and whatever else in the sky for weather modification purposes and/or whatever other undisclosed purposes.”

Pointing to my online article, “Chemtrails Out Of The Closet?” the courageous Connie Fogal tells the press, “This is a serious health issue fraught with untold and unknown effects on all life forms. That our government and Parliamentarians have refused to admit the occurrence of chemtrails or to inform citizens on this potentially life threatening experimentation is another example of their refusal to exercise our sovereignty, and the abrogation of their duty to the citizenry.”

With a fundamentalist Prime Minister pushing Canadian sovereignty into deeper integration with his White House counterparts, Ms. Fogal adds, “Our government should refuse access to the United States to Canadian airways for aerial spraying of chemicals for such experimentation.”

The Canadian Action Party is also set to become the only federal political party in North America to dispute the official White House version of 9/11. [Days of Deception: Ground zero And Beyond by William Thomas]


All National Weather Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration contacts with the media must now be pre-approved by the Department of Commerce. [email memo to NOAA and National Weather Service staff Sept 29/05]

The South Coast Air Quality Management District tentatively identifies the powder wafting down from the sky as "cedar pollen." But a biologist retorts that December is not the season when cedar pollen normally appears. And when pollen appears in the spring, it does not “explode.” Several witnesses saw a yellow cloud “exploding” in the skies over the Lake Arrowhead area.

According to a press story, community after community continue to report that hundreds of people are becoming ill at the same time-usually following heavy chemtrail activity. Three physicians report an increasing number of patients being seen for similar illness.

“Persistent hacking coughs, upper respiratory and intestinal distress, pneumonia, extreme fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, disorientation, splitting headaches, elevated arthritis symptoms and unexplainable nosebleeds are just a few of the symptoms these doctors have described. These doctors have said they are seeing larger numbers of patients with these complaints during or within days after the times that the physicians themselves have observed a larger number of chemtrails in the skies above mountain communities.”

Pharmacist Ed Burrows is sick himself. Since early December he has been suffering from a respiratory ailment that has includes a “gooey phlegm” that, despite his best efforts, he has been unable to relieve. Burrows said the issue is raising “high concern” for him that his health may be “jeopardized.” Burrows says he “feels that it is directly related” to recent chemtrail activity.

“Our government's refusal to level with the people indicates that whatever it is they are polluting our environment with must be dangerous and/or unhealthy. There is no need to be secretive if what you are doing is beneficial,” he says. “As the former owner and pharmacist of the Lake Gregory Pharmacy for more than two decades, this is the first time in those 22 years I've witnessed so many in our community suffering with respiratory ailments with no apparent cause… ” [Alpenhorn News Dec 7/05]

March 8

Typically there are approximately 175,000 new cases of lung cancer each year in the United States. So far this year, just for the months of January and February there are already 172,000 new cases of lung cancer.
[CNN American Morning Mar 8/06]

December 7

People continue to become ill as high levels of chemicals show up in random testing of soil and water supplies, after witnesses photograph KC-135s and KC-10s outfitted with what appears to be a “spraying device.” The circular device is obviously not a refueling probe. A former Air Force pilot tells a reporter, “Yeah, we have them, but were not supposed to talk about it.”

April 17
Angry over constant chemtrailing and determined not to take it any more, two brothers have turned the city of Victoria into a No-Fly Zone for chemtrail aircraft.

On Friday April 17th, Ben called the Victoria International Airport to complain about large aircraft flying in close proximity to each other over this busy capitol. He told the airport manager, “You've got a bunch of hot dog pilots crisscrossing all over the place. It looks like the Snowbirds.” (The Canadian Air Force eight-plane aerobatic team).

The official told him he had no proof.

“We've got five hours of tape,” Ben corrected him. “We've got to four jets on tape flying within ten seconds of each other. They are billowing out exhaust all over the place, and they are endangering public safety.”

The official then said, “I don't know whose planes those are.”

“You guys should know who's flying over Victoria airport,” Ben chastised. “That means you have no control of the planes.”

“That's not true,” the official said, a bit more heatedly.

“I thought you just said that you don't know whose planes those are,” Ben reminded him. “It's a circus. If this keeps occurring to go to have a class action lawsuit on your hands.'

“That scared them,” Ben told me.

His brother James confirmed that no spray planes have overflown Victoria since their conversation with the airport authority.

But the brothers didn't stop there. During the spraying, a freak hailstorm turned to rain. James a rinsed out his plastic cup and collected some rainwater pouring off the roof of his van. Holding the cup under a light, the brothers saw the bottom of the cup covered in shiny silver particles.

When they took it to a water-testing lab for analysis, two lab technicians took a quick look and said, “That amount shouldn't be there.”

Both lab technicians were aware of - and angry about - chemtrails. They gave Ben and James proper lab containers, along with instructions on how to take two separate samples for analysis at a bigger lab in Vancouver.

The brothers strongly recommend that when placing a call to local airport officials, don't use the word “chemtrails”.

“I acted like I didn't know what was going on,” Ben told me.

His complaint centered solely on “public endangerment” from aircraft flying to close together. This is illegal over populated areas. And their videotape evidence was the clincher.

“They didn't like to hear about a class action lawsuit,” Ben said. The brothers also complained about what appeared to be “heavy pollution” coming from the tightly spaced jets.

The videotape evidence of four large aircraft flying within ten seconds of each other is enough to take to court.

Controllers say that airliners at cruising altitude are not allowed to fly to within twenty minutes of each other. Except for landings and take-offs, airliners at cruising altitudes cannot fly close together in time or space.

Military aircraft are also prohibited from discharging fuel or other pollutants over populated areas. Nor are they allowed to endanger people on the ground.


NBC-4's Paul Moyer hosts a two-part series called “Toxic Sky”.

Moyer: Tonight a community in the San Bernardino mountains has a real mystery on its hands. The official explanation here is that jet contrails are causing strange lines in the sky and that it's pollen making people sick on the ground. But others are convinced it is something else. And they ask: “Is the government experimenting with our weather?”

A huge dust cloud covered the entire Cedar Glen area-a cloud of dust leaving a sticky yellow slime all over car(s). It happened again last February. And calls began pouring in to the local Alpenhorn newspaper.

Denis Labadie: “And they had a tremendous upsurge of children that were not going to school at that point.”

Pharmacist Ed Burows says it is the most mysterious illness he's seen in twenty-two years on the mountain: “A lot of eye infection problems, upper respiratory problems, nose bleeds.”

The nearby March Air Force Base says it didn't come from them.

Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch says Health Department records show a sharp increase in both chemicals in the water supply of Northern California, dating from the time the huge contrails first appeared over her home in Mendocino County. “And what I found was unusual spiking since the early 1990s, and barium, aluminum.”

“I went and got all the tests and all these things in the same test would be up way over state and federal standards. This had to be airborne because how could it get to such diverse regions of our county. We have jets going in every direction. Xs, east-west, north-south, circles. There is something going on in the air. I don't know exactly what but I think there is some experimentation… I don't know because we haven't had a public discussion.” []

June 26

Las Vegas reporter Marcus Dalton writes that an archeologist working throughout Nevada began noticing “all white unmarked aircraft” preparing for take-off at Nellis AFB, and at the Mancamp Complex near Tonopah in the late-90s.

“It was these unmarked planes that were constantly laying down the criss-crossing X patterns of lingering chemical-spray trails over Southern Nevada,” the archeologist stated. When he asked the military escort accompanying his civilian research team into “sensitive” areas around Nellis, about the planes, he was strongly advised, “You didn't see anything.” [Tribune Media Group June 26/06]

Outside Dobbins Air Base in Marietta, Georgia, another observer writes: “We drove up to a light and saw the runway, and saw a large, white plane, with a blue stripe, no markings at all, taxiing to take off.”

A delivery person at Tinker AFB states “I have seen more than 30 of these white, KC-135s parked on the tarmac. I have seen six to 10 take off, one after another. They are, indeed, white with no markings.”

The white planes have also been spotted at a former AFB near Phoenix, and at the previously closed George AFB in the Mojave Desert.

One correspondent claims to have personally seen the spray planes taking off from and landing at McGuire AFB in New Jersey. Active in the Canadian military “since my birth,” Bryan says, “What I have noticed is that unusual trails have been coming from white USAF KC-135s heading to Shiloh, Alaska.


Chemtrails Confirmed 2007 is released in paperback by Bridgerhouse Publishers in the U.S. This latest, 356-page sixth edition includes hundreds of photographs, eyewitness accounts and full documentation from my ongoing eight-year investigation into chemtrails.

Read excerpt.

"What are senators doing about it, or do they play dumb, or are their explanations of them doing this with a non-harmful trail for other reasons?" asks an angry chemtrails protestor in the Netherlands.

February 22

The Discovery Channel's “Best Evidence” program brings “chemical contrails” into living rooms across North America. “What is in those fuel emissions, and what causes them to linger for hours and link up with one another like a ghostly blanket that seems to affect the weather and perhaps our health?” the producers ask William Thomas and other activists and scientists. “Are lingering jet trails seen by millions of people “potentially toxic 'chemical trails' emitted intentionally as part of secret geo-engineering experiments or weather-weaponization tests?”

The "Chemical Contrails" episode is also shown in Paris.

Special thanks to for archiving this show.

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7

May 2

To The Canadian Prime Minister, Leaders Of All Political Parties, All MPs, MLA's, Defence Minister, Health Ministers, Chief Of Defence Staff, News And Media Agencies And To The Canadian People: CHEMTRAILS ARE CHANGING OUR WEATHER!

On Monday, April 30th, 2007, we were chemtrailed here in the Kootenay-Boundary all day long, starting before 8 am until late afternoon. I took video footage of the whole day's activities, mapping the times, locations and directions of the chemtrails, the winds carrying them, and their effects on the local environment and people.

The day started all sunny and blue sky with a few puffy white clouds here and there, and very warm. Chemtrailing started early, as viewed from Midway, a small Canadian town right on the U.S./Canada border at the 49th parallel. Flying low along the southern horizon, and almost out of sight, they zigzagged in an east-west direction, then later trailed right over our house in Greenwood (about 40 kms north, northeast of Midway), from southwest to northeast. This movement caused turbulence which caught the rapidly-forming chemclouds in the southwest and dragged them along behind the jet, as if they were being towed, then chemtrailing began to the north of us (at least 100 km's north of us, and well into Canadian airspace) zigzagging in an east-west direction again for the afternoon.

I and the camera can witness that these chemtrailing activities produce large masses of ribbed, striated, "mackerel sky" type cloud formations which, as they disperse and join together over the day, blanket an entire area, such as was the case Monday. We are hundreds of miles from any major pollution source, such as industries and high traffic Even before I caught sight of a new jet-trail, being downwind, I experienced the gamut of symptoms, such as nausea, difficulty breathing, dizziness, feeling sick and exhausted, and so on.

My partner looked sick and gray all Tuesday and missed work. Both of us felt drained and exhausted yesterday. I had the usual symptoms, as I do today. -Sharon Horn Greenwood, BC


EU Parliamentarian Erik Meijer asks the European Parliament to address to the European Commission “on the subject of Aircraft condensation trails which no longer only contain water.”

Greek chemtrails activist Wayne Hall and his colleagues in the New Citizens' Movement want Stavros Dimas and the European Commission to look for evidence. “We reject the answer given by Stavros Dimas on behalf of the European Commission… as entirely lacking in plausibility.”

June 19

Software engineer Andrew Johnson reports from Derbyshire, England how, in 2004, “I began to notice that these trails did not behave like contrails at all. Then, on 10th June 2005, I witnessed a grid of aircraft trails right outside my window, just before sunset… On 4th February this year, in a period of two and a half hours, I filmed 42 aircraft leaving long-lasting trails over the centre of Derby.”

Albert Shine, a former Aircraft Technician from Morecambe, Lancashire, says, “My background is in aviation, thus I am very familiar with many current helicopters, civil airliners and some military types. As regards this phenomenon… I was at first skeptical, until I began to observe chemtrails over Morecambe. Many more people now suffer a wide spectrum of breathing related complaints (asthma is now quite common), frequent flu-like symptoms and lingering colds etc and this 'designer pollution' may be a contributory cause. It is vital that this matter is brought to as wide a section of the public as possible and it should merit headlines in the media.”

July 7

The Earth is beginning to glow. Untold billions upon billions of particulates floating in Earth's atmosphere are found to be giving off a glow of reflected sunlight, veiling the world in a luminous mist.

August 22

The Chemtrails Documentation Project finds, “If the same weather related scientific parameters that are utilized by atmospheric scientists to predict the formation of the 'Persistent Contrails' are applied to specific occurrences of the Chemtrail Spray Operations, it can be demonstrated that in many cases the upper atmospheric conditions present do not support the conclusion that the contrails observed are the result of hot jet engine exhaust forming long duration cirrus clouds.

“Operational Doppler Weather Radar cannot detect cirrus clouds, let alone aircraft contrails. The radar return signal strength (dBZ)… is consistent with light rainfall. Yet in all of the examples the Doppler radar is operating in clear air mode, not precipitation mode. The set angle (4.3 deg. max) of the horizon scanning Doppler Radar is too low to detect contrails directly overhead.

The upper atmosphere data that correlates to the date and time of most of the Doppler images indicate that conditions for persistent contrail formation are not present in the atmospheric profile.

“The dBZ values increase as the strength of the signal returned to the radar increases… In every example, the upper atmosphere relative humidity levels required for jet exhaust to form 'Persistent Contrails' are not found at any elevation for the 12-hour period represented by the image at any of the monitoring sites.”

An extremely well-connected source, with whom this reporter has closely collaborated for the past 15 years, was used to seeing the same pair of U.S. military intelligence agents after we had gone public with detailed reports on electromagnetic “poppers” deployed by the Office of Naval Intelligence in Iraq, and Israel's abortive nuclear airstrike on Iran.

“Hank” (not his real name) and I have both been thanked by agents anonymously nicknamed “Bob” and “Dave” for making certain vital information known to the world and its leaders through my website. The site's 75,000 visitors a day have included high-ranking members of the U.S. and overseas military and intelligence communities, the British Parliament, Israel's Knesset and even the Vatican.

The twins are back because they know that Hank would relay their latest briefing to me-hopefully in time to prevent a biological apocalypse.

This time, Bob and Dave have brought along an elderly gentleman “with a slight accent” from a small, distant, hot, beleaguered and closely allied country, who wants to meet Hank ever since reading his three-page fictional scenario back in 1995.

Prepared for the U.S. Army, Hank's extrapolation of then-current classified research imagined a night attack on an enemy camp by two American helicopters hovering in whisper-mode “over jungle treetops”. Receiving a green light, the pilot of the lead Apache fired a pair of Hellfires that hit “on either side of a camp with a poof instead of a boom.” As the grass starts to whither, and people inside the camp start falling over, their infrared signatures goes “darker, darker gone.”

A second green light sends the trailing Huey to land inside the camp. Protected by a prophylactic pill similar to the “PB” tablets swallowed by GIs during Desert Storm, the team “goes walking around in their jocks and socks kicking bodies over.” Proceeding to the “head shed” they gather valuable “Intel”-which they fax from the Huey on their way home” so that the contaminated documents can be destroyed in flight.

When Bob and Dave introduce them, Hank's new friend is carrying his copy of the “The Mission”. As Hank later relayed to me, “He was upset by it because it followed and tracked what they actually did accomplish in 1996.”

Because I had previously drawn on congressional testimony and military sources to extensively document more than a decade of illegal “Open Air” tests of biological simulants on Americans, coast-to-coast during the 1970s and early '80s, I was surprised when Hank confirmed that the U.S. Army Medical Material Development Command at Fort Dietrich still issues final project grants for bio-simulants still being released over U.S. cities-20 years after this program was supposedly stood down.

“It's bad crap, but not the worst crap,” Hank tells me, explaining how “at least one out of five or more genetically altered molecules” will eventually release their material to “bind with something more compatible”-such as living human cells… If you take a more than moderately heavy metal and out it into a liquid or foam into the atmosphere it will cause a visible streak in the sky.”

Hank's informant-an individual I name “Ezekiel”-is closely involved with a previously unconfirmed aspect of the chemtrails program. This verified “insider” discloses that military applications occasionally piggybacked on chemtrail missions add supposedly benign biological agents to chemtrails to see if these slightly sick-making agents will be absorbed and by the atmosphere-or carry to the ground where, as in previous “Open Air” experiments, crowded emergency rooms can attest to their effectiveness.

As Hank puts it, “You can pretty much tell what the target saturation will be”-for more lethal variants eventually used against a targeted population.

“The things people are seeing worldwide are part and parcel of a larger experiment,” Hank was told. “The real kicker is that it's more than a 'dual use' kind of thing.”

As he goes on to explain, chemtrails are also being used to bounce radiation from radar and radio transmissions “over the horizon”-clear around the globe if necessary. This “aerial obscuration” as the Air Force officially terms it, also deflects electronic spy satellite sweeps “without destroying said satellite,” Hank was told. “Unlike frying the sat with a directed energy pulse, blocking its sensors with a temporary chemtrail shield to mask military deployments below is not considered an act of war.”

After all, Hank notes, if a chemtrail is “opaque enough to bounce a signal off of, it's opaque enough to block a signal going through it.”

In the briefing provided by his accented chemtrails source, Hank learns, “This stuff has a specific dispersal rate; a specific descent rate. Once we spray it, we are learning that it will cover X area in X amount of time.” Once these variables are known by looking for specific biological markers in chemtrails-or in people sickened enough to see their doctors-“you can say it will ht the ground with plus or minus” concentrations.

But he stresses that biological simulants do not have to be inserted into chemtrails for this program to proceed.

“There's another level to this that if exploited could accomplish the mission. “The fungus, the viruses, the bacteria”-living and reproducing harmlessly in the upper atmosphere-“they don't have to be something that's put it in. There's some that they do. But mostly they are passively receiving information on what this material would hold onto.”

Brought to the ground by latching onto falling chemtrails, pathogens that naturally exist in the upper atmosphere are easily identified because they have been mutated by unfiltered ultraviolet sunlight into strikingly distinguishable variants of their earthbound kin. In this manner, Hank was told, “mad scientists” are determining how biological gents built in a weapons lab and spread by the same high-flying spray aircraft could be distributed to “take out” an entire country.


January 25

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The Chemtrail conspiracy theory claims that some trails left behind jet aircraft are different in appearance and quality from those of normal contrails, may be composed of harmful chemicals, and are being deliberately produced, and covered up by the government. These unusual trails are referred to as "chemtrails" (a portmanteau of "chemical trails").

The term "chemtrail" does not refer to common forms of aerial dumping (e.g. crop dusting, cloud seeding or aerial firefighting). It specifically refers to systematic, high-altitude dumping of unknown substances for undisclosed purposes, resulting in the appearance of these unusual contrails.

1 Overview
2 USAF response
3 Skeptical response
4 Similar phenomena
5 See also
6 References
7 External links
7.1 Pro-chemtrail theory sites
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7.1.2 Chemtrails in the media
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8 Further reading

The chemtrail theory apparently first achieved prominence in mid-to-late 1990s. Chemtrails have been discussed on radio programs hosted by Art Bell and Jeff Rense with investigative journalist William Thomas who first reported on chemtrails. According to a FAQ posted at Jeff Rense's website, "chemtrails look like contrails initially, but are much thicker, extend across the sky and are often laid down in varying patterns of X's, tic-tac-toe grids, cross-hatched and parallel lines. Instead of quickly dissipating, chemtrails expand and drip feathers and mares' tails. In 30 minutes or less, they open into wispy formations which join together, forming a thin white veil or a 'fake cirrus-type cloud' that persists for hours."

"Chemtrails" are mentioned in House Bill HR 2977, the Space Preservation Act of 2001, introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, where it appears as one of a list of "exotic weapons system[s]" to be banned under the bill… The entire list of exotic weapons was omitted from later versions of the bill.

An article entitled "The Chemtrail Smoking Gun" by Bruce Conway, suggested that chemtrails represent the implementation of technologies suggested in a 1992 National Academy of Science study, "Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming"; specifically, that chemtrails are part of a secret project intended to mitigate global warming.

The Las Vegas Tribune, a free weekly broadsheet, ran an article on September 9, 2005, entitled "Chemtrails - Coming Out Of The Closet?", wherein that publication's managing editor, Marcus K. Dalton, stated that United States Air Force scientists working at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, told Columbus Alive… they had been conducting two aerial spraying experiments: "one involved aluminum oxide spraying related to global warming and the other involved barium stearate and had to do with high-tech military communications."

Chemtrail advocates say these trails are often laid down in patterns, such as grids, Xs and crosshatches. Some researchers believe that a chemical and/or biological agent of some sort is being released.

Describing itself as “a group of concerned citizens working together to put an end to aerial obscuration projects”-including persistent contrails and chemtrails-this Santa Cruz org hopes to serve as a model for similarly self-organizing CAN groups in cities across North America.

CAN's “local mission” is to similarly create a municipal-legislated “Chemtrail-Free Zone” by collaborating “with local and state government, environmental groups, and with the community to increase awareness and knowledge of chemtrail operations and to bring an end to these operations within city/county limits.

CAN's website urges visitors to “Please do some research and watch the skies. And remember, normal jet contrails evaporate within minutes while chemtrails spread out and eventually overcast the sky. Look up, wake up, and speak out! Together, we can put an end to chemtrails and help make the world a safer place.”

Visitors to the site can:
Report Chemtrails Activity.
Please contact your local, state, and federal representatives and agencies to report where and
when the spraying occurred. (Click here for info)

SIGN UP to the Chemtrails-911 e-mail list!
Stay updated on related news and actions!
Let's network together and put an end to the poisoning of our skies!
Your e-mail will not be used for anything unrelated to chemtrails.

What are you willing to do? Want some ideas? (Click here)

Read comments from other concerned citizens that are watching the skies!!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world." - Margaret Mead

Their PETITION TO THE ELECTED OFFICALS of SANTA CRUZ COUNTY can serve as a template for other cities worldwide:

WE, the undersigned of Santa Cruz, California draw attention to the following:

THAT aerial spraying has been observed occurring over Santa Cruz and also from California to Maine for at least the last two years;

THAT this aerial spraying has been carried out by large military type jet aircraft that create white plumes, which evidence suggests are chemical-laden (hereinafter “chemtrails”) and often seen in the form of large “X's”, “O's” and checkerboard patterns;

THAT this aerial spraying has been carried out without the knowledge or consent of the Santa Cruz people;

THAT chemtrails in the atmosphere across Santa Cruz and California can only adversely affect the health of our population, especially the children, the elders and the weak;

THAT the people of Santa Cruz have the inalienable right not to be sprayed with massive amounts of chemicals from the sky for whatever purpose; and

THAT many concerned citizens have already attempted to obtain explanations of this aerial chemtrail spraying activity from their elected representatives and from various government departments but with no success.

THEREFORE, your petitioners call upon you to act on behalf of your constituents to take the following actions:

(1) Pass a resolution supporting the original Space Preservation Act 2001 and the Space Preservation Treaty, which prohibits the use of space-based weapons and related aerial experimentation, including 'chemtrails'; and

(2) Sponsor a temporary committee on behalf of the people to--

a) start an investigation to obtain full disclosure as to the purpose of the aerial spraying that has been occurring in Santa Cruz air space;

b) endorse appropriate letters to the FAA, DOD, EPA, and to all necessary departments and persons, calling for immediate cessation of all of space-based weapons and related aerial experimentation, including 'chemtrails', in Santa Cruz air space;

c) gather information from heath officials, hospitals, county clinics, and from all necessary groups, to study and correlate the health effects of said aerial spray operations; and

d) immediately disclose to the Santa Cruz public, when the information becomes available, any and all information pertaining to said aerial spray operations, including what the chemical composition is of the materials that have been sprayed in our air space. [;]

Louisiana News 12 carries chemtrails story with lab tests showing Barium falling from the sky at 3-times toxic levels set by EPA.


2005 - 2008

[All references from Chemtrails Confirmed 2007 by William Thomas unless otherwise noted.]

photo by CD Miller
Mimbres, NM October 5, 2002
Boeing KC-135 tanker / chemtrail sprayplane  USAF photo

Glenn Boyle

Idaho-Washington Border Apr 22, 2007

Chemtrails fallout Alberta  -  Germany

Morgellon's pathogen

HAARP array   Glenn Boyle

Phoenix, AZ  Feb 15, 2000 
Glenn Boyle

September 25

(English translation of German broadcast:) “Suddenly a meteorogical radar registers the prese3nce of a cloud, but it's not clear how did this happen? The answer seems to be that this was the result of a military experiment. What are these mysterious trails and what is their purpose? We will try to find out.

“The military planes of the German Federal Army are manipulating our climate; this is that the weather researchers are presuming and their suspicions are confirmed.
“Sinister clouds up to 350 km long appear all of a sudden on the radar, but only on the metrological radars. The first time it happened was in the summer of 2005, and then in March of 2006. The German Army has admitted having war exercises toward the borders with the Netherlands.

“For Karsten Brandt, meteorologist, this is the answer to the enigma: 'The Federal Army is manipulating the metrological maps. We can state with 97% certainty that we have on our hands chemical trails (chemtrails), comprised of fine dust containing polymers and metals, used to disrupt radar signals.

'This is their main purpose, but I was surprised that this artificial cloud was so widespread, The radar images are stunning considering the needed tons of dispersed elements. Although the Federal Army claims that only small amounts of material were propagated. The military heads claim that the substances used are not harmful.'

“The registers report emissions of chemtrails at low altitudes. In the United States of America there are protest after protest for many years now against these military operations and now people are mobilizing in Germany, as well.

“For example, Johannes Remmel of the Greens: 'It's obvious that enormous regions are being polluted with clandestine actions, but all of this has to be made public. The government must provide explanations to the unsuspecting population.'

“Yet, the story continues: in the following three weeks the instruments register other activities of suspicious aircraft, similar to the previously mentioned, above other areas of Germany. Meanwhile, the satellite imagery is clearly counterfeited by the military.
Karsten Brandt: 'From our observations, we can conclude that they fly over the regions of Westphalia, Bielefeld, the Ruhr zone to Saxony and Hamburg, forming a really dense layer of artificial cloud-cover. Weather manipulation is prohibited.'

“After the first discovery, Karsten Brandt has filed a legal charge against unknowns for weather manipulation, based on his careful verifications and data gathered by radar, through which he documented every anomalous cloud formation."