Exploring Scientific Ways To Save The Planet

(NAPSI)-According to many experts, global warming is the greatest crisis that mankind has ever faced. And as the planet heads toward disaster, decisive action is needed.

Some of the world’s finest brains have been drawing up plans-radical scientists with revolutionary ideas. Yet putting these ideas into action requires epic experiments on a massive scale, in search of a solution that could change the future of our world.

A new Discovery Channel series tracks the progress of these experiments, filtered through the perspective of experts in science, engineering and business. In each episode of “Discovery Project Earth,” the three hosts-known as the Task Force-meet a visionary scientist and implement his or her idea, creating the project for the program. Once complete, it is their job to test and assess each geo-engineering project.

The show’s scientists have already made enormous strides, creating the thinnest etched lens ever made to allow sunlight to be defracted away from the sun with the solar shields. This group was also the first to prove that microwaves could transmit energy through the entire length of the atmosphere, opening the way for harvesting solar power in space.

Among the experiments that will be demonstrated on “Discovery Project Earth” are:

• Air Scrubber-When something’s dirty, you scrub it until it’s clean. That’s the logic behind the world’s most advanced CO2 scrubber tower. Removing CO2 from the air is a big idea that could help reverse global warming.

• Reflective Clouds-Could we lower the Earth’s temperature by making clouds brighter so they reflected more of the sun’s heat back into space? Watch what happens as a cloud is created using 300 hygroscopic flares.

• Raining Trees-Something big could take root when 20,000 mangrove tree spores and cordgrass seedlings are dropped from a squad of helicopters over the eroding New Cut Dune in Louisiana.

• Floating Turbines-If we could harness the energy of high-altitude winds, we’d have a limitless supply of power anywhere on the planet. But how do you get a wind turbine thousands of feet off the ground? Easy. Attach it to a blimp and launch it over Mexico.

• Glacier Blankets-Wrapping glaciers with blankets to prevent them from melting? See what happens when a team of scientists flies to Greenland with 31 giant rolls of blankets to tuck in a disappearing mass of this critical ice.

“Discovery Project Earth” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. To learn more, visit

The Project Earth MARS Turbine is being tested in a wind tunnel for the Discovery Channel. This technology could create air “scrubbers” to reduce the amount of CO2 from the air, thus potentially reversing global warming.

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