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September  Wednesday 7th  2005 (09h19) :
Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
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by Sherman H. Skolnick

Some meteorologists contend there has been weather-warfare. That is, they say, that there have been two man-made hurricanes, Ivan [The Terrible], 2004, and Katrina, 2005. And, that these storms were created by technology long-known and directed to specific areas.

One weatherman asserted that Russia has long claimed they can send extreme weather and turbulence from Siberia targeting the United States. He proclaimed that Russia did that with Ivan [later called Ivan The Terrible] in 2004 and Katrina, 2005.

He appeared on the Coast-To-Coast radio talk show with host George Noory, about a night after Katrina hit the Gulf. In describing how brazenly the hurricane was created and directed, that as an inside signal, it came right over the National Hurricane Center in Florida.

If so, WHO had prior knowledge?

1. As a corruptly installed stooge and scapegoat for the Anglo-American Aristocracy, George W. Bush is a prime suspect having foreknowledge. If it became in time more and more evident of a high-level domestic plot, a new "Pearl Harbor", to carry out a long-planned war-mongering cancel-the Constitution agenda, then putting a Russian-style name in advance on the two later man-made suspected hurricanes, would form the basis for blaming Russia. Or like 9-11, falsely blaming "The Moslems".

2. Did Russian president Putin, suspecting he might be blamed for Hurricane Katrina, jump the gun? Just prior to Katrina hitting the Gulf, Putin noted that two U.S. Senators were in Russia snooping around off-limits secret facilities. That is U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D., Ill.) originally from the former British colony of Kenya and a year previous, before Obama was elected, was publicly fingered by me as a British spy; and his accomplice in Russia, U.S. Senator Richard Lugar (R., Ind.).

Putin had both of their passports seized and the two Senators were kept for a while in custody of the FSB, the new Russian secret political police.

(An exclusive news bulletin was on

3. Some assert that a friendly foreign power, also having high technology, made the man-made Katrina suddenly take a right hook and veer slightly away from New Orleans and directly hit the refineries and facilities of British Petroleum, owned by the British monarchy.

4. In an exclusive bulletin on Cloak and Dagger, we told how the Bushies’ Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), sabotaged the levee which holds back the nearby lake from swamping below-sea-level New Orleans. More than 25 eyewitnesses to this treason are primarily but not exclusively blacks. FEMA operatives vowed to find these finger-pointers and snuff them out. A friendly foreign power is keeping the witnesses safe.

5. Nationwide, the American Red Cross solicited funds for supposed "New Orleans Hurricane Relief". [Has everyone forgotten that Elizabeth Dole, wife of now former U.S. Senator Dole, having been accused but not punished for reportedly embezzling 150 thousand dollars while she was head of the American Red Cross.? She is now a U.S. Senator (R., N. Car.)].

FEMA in the George W. Bush Administration have been, at great expense, supposedly pre-planning how to deal with an expected New Orleans hurricane disaster. FEMA said that refuge should be sought in the New Orleans Convention Center. And beyond that, FEMA pointed to the nearby Super-Dome sports arena.

Eyewitness residents occupied such places. Those that survived bitterly complain that the Red Cross, the National Guard, FEMA helpers, and other supposed rescuers were nowhere to be seen. For almost a week, no food, no bottled water, no medicines for the sick such as diabetics, and no other life essentials were dropped from helicopters or otherwise made available. In two New Orleans hospitals, patients not otherwise in dying condition, died because of lack of essentials.

6. Noting how Hurricane Ivan The Terrible made a mysterious u-turn, Lenny Bloom, co-host of Cloak and Dagger, in 2004, coined the term, HAARPICANE, named after the latest technology to manipulate the weather and the atmosphere, HAARP.

7. When asked by a reporter why Bush was not ordering immediate emergency aid for the suffering residents of New Orleans, a Bush White House official arrogantly barked out, "After all, they did not vote for us."

8. From long experience as a court-reformer, I learned that when we publicly identify a top Judge as a crook, as a bribe-taker, the Establishment, the Ruling Class, "the powers that be", that is THEM---they throw the Judge away like a worn out shoe, and send him to jail for" suddenly" discovered tax evasion and other criminal offenses. I usually cynically comment, "No decent gangster bagman will further bribe such a corrupt identified judge but will look for another crook on the bench."

There is reason to believe that now the Anglo-American Aristocracy has extracted all the illicit profit they can out of Bush and may want to throw him away. Hence, the monopoly press is strangely allowing Bush critics to be heard stating that in the Gulf area and elsewhere, Americans are suffering from an "incompetent Bush government". Wow! Why was this truism so long delayed in being heard at the hands of the liars and whores of the press?

9. Oil machinery and other service and equipment faker, Halliburton, has been promised the contract to someday, perhaps not soon, rebuild New Orleans. Vice President Richard Cheney, a top-level criminal, was the CEO of the firm and still receives many millions of dollars per year in delayed "compensation" from them while he stonewalls important White House oil dirty business.

The plan for treachery is simple. Residents of New Orleans fled for their life. They obviously did not take along in a plastic bag the deed to their property. So now out-of-town and out-of-work, they do not have the funds to pay their property tax nor do they have their property identification code and number. Sixty six per cent of the population of New Orleans have been blacks, many impoverished, together with a sizeable number of poor whites,

So it will be simple for land swindlers like Halliburton and their gang of pirates to grab lots of land from the descendants of slaves or white indentured servants, bull-doze away the hurricane-wrecked houses, and build hotels and other structures to accompany a someday to be newly-enlarged whorehouse district in New Orleans.

Some unfeeling critics would like to unfairly point to the whole hurricane mess, as A Red Light District is Bad Karma. Actually, subject to Bad Karma is the highly corrupt, terribly incompetent Bush White House and the Bush Crime Family.

And what may happen to the tens of thousands of New Orleans refugees now resident in Texas? Doing menial work in Texas are Mexican aliens. So New Orleans refugees can expect to be dragooned into such work, to replace the Mexicans who may be thrown out of the country or forced into the U.S. armed forces headed for Iraq. The Americans can no doubt expect to be paid minimum wages or even under the table below minimum wages, minus deductions for their food, housing, and essentials. They may end up with about the same almost nothing monthly pay received by jail-birds working in the factories now hooked to prisons. Currently, some of the products bought in chain food stores are actually packed in prison factories including reportedly a fancy, expensive, and widely advertised coffee also often sipped in that company’s chain of coffee shops..]

The former New Orleans blacks may become property-stripped latter day slaves and the poor whites, likewise plundered of their assets, can expect to become indentured servants, just in time for the new, worthless Bankruptcy Law, same as those many years ago exported from British Debtors’ Prisons to Tennessee and elsewhere in the U.S.

Cheney and the Halliburton Pirate Flag gang and the Bush Crime Family, together with the Oil Cartel--- why they do they want the people cleared off the land in New Orleans? A simple explanation, supplied by savvy sorts, is that New Orleans may be situated on a large pool of oil.


By : Share
September Wednesday 7th 2005

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> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
7th September 2005 - 16h34 - Posted by 24.***.1.***
What in the world! I came across this website by accident and I must say that this article was written by somebody who is absolutely paranoid and completely out of his/her mind.
Do you honestly think we created a Hurricane? I am absolutely flabbergasted at the idiocy represented here! Granted there is corruption in all governments...and you people know who you are, but if we had the power to create killer hurricanes I certainly believe that we’d send them to places that we’d like to have under our oh I don’t know....the Oil Rich Mid East or Diamond Studded South Africa.

Now I know that all the rest of you conspiracy theorists (and I can be one too at times) will jump all over me for my opinion, but jeesh....are you really that insane? Maybe we should have sent that storm your way!

> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
7th September 2005 - 17h14 - Posted by 63.***.221.***
I just came across this today also and thought my god who in their right mind thinks like this!
Any other response is just a waste of time, however, that being said, I still am very angry at this administration for the shameful response to this horrible situation.

ginger in maine

> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
21st September 2005 - 15h03 - Posted by 64.***.37.**
Share said: "Wednesday 7th September 2005 by Share
What in the world! I came across this website by accident and I must say that this article was written by somebody who is absolutely paranoid and completely out of his/her mind.
Do you honestly think we created a Hurricane? I am absolutely flabbergasted at the idiocy represented here! Granted there is corruption in all governments...and you people know who you are, but if we had the power to create killer hurricanes I certainly believe that we’d send them to places that we’d like to have under our oh I don’t know....the Oil Rich Mid East or Diamond Studded South Africa. (...)"

Yes Share,

IMO Sherman H. Skolnick is a certified ’lectric-koolaid’ candidate! He makes absolute statements about things he could never have inside knowledge or access to even if he had an "inside" DT (deep-throat). No DT would risk being outted by this verbal-diarrhea victim. Unless they wanted him to spread strategic disinformation, that is. So yes Sherman needs to take his Haliperidol and go sit in the corner in the fetal position and calm down.

But my friend you are quite wrong about the world weather control agenda and 21st century equipment. No I am not certifiable too. Its just a known fact that our USAF and USNAVY have a joint secret project called "Counterforce Weather Control" under the aegis of a larger project called "Force Multipler 2025" - GOOGLE IT! They say it started evolving back in WW2 with airstrip fog control. Now thanks to (2) Houston TX mad-scientists we have a giant microwave oven in space called TSSPS and another cloud cooker on Earth called HAARP. These two monster hydroxl-antagonist gadgets suck a lot of juice and put a lot of energy into an EXISTING storm. So no they can’t actually MAKE the actual storm over the Canary Islands (yet that is) but they can guide, shepard, and intensify one big time! IOW hit a strategic target! Why Gulf coast?... I dunno yet.

The Russians were first (as usual) and even bragged about them back in Kruschev’s days. You only have to talk to Mr. Hollywood-KGB himself at the CICENTRE.COM (General Oleg Kalugin (retired)) with his big mouth he’ll tell you anything you want to know from the 1960 American riots to the Singapore artifical monsoons. Putin has every reason to be nervous as the people in the know know what the Russian WOODPECKER really was. But no you are wrong about our wonderful President not ever ever using one to accomplish his hidden agendas. Just wait until Operation Balboa opens its first shot across Hugo Chavez’s bow. It will probably come from Arecibo PR in the form of a HAARP sheparding signal to a Rita-like tropical depression or CAT 1 storm in the Carribean zone. It will become a big monster CAT 5 or 6 within hours! IMO It will happen soon too - could be wrong. You would think the little monkey would use it on lil’ Kim in NK where the REAL problem is.

OK you wannabe Einstiens! The first signs that HAARP or TSSPS is being used in a local storm? No not the childish Beardon "scalar signature" crap. Radio communications blackout! Hmmm sound familiar? And no kiddies Tom Beardon (et al) is wrong... The Japanese Yakuza operating this for Putin? Are you nuts Tom? Oh sorry I forgot...

"Chicken Coming Home to Roost"

PS - As of 8:40 AM Sept 21 2005 Rita is on track to come within 16 miles of CRAWFORD TX folks! We know who lives there don’t we? Also Houston TX where the US inventors are. Lets see if Rita miraculously TURNS away just in the knick of time. If it turns its US. If not its Putin/Yakuza. Oh well I guess there is an 3rd and 4th option but it wouldn’t be intriguing that way...

> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
24th September 2005 - 06h58 - Posted by 128.***.163.**
Many people are very naive when it comes to the Bush family history. They are completely evil. They did business with the Nazis during World War Two! They have played both sides of the coin since the Civil War. Do some research before you call people paranoid. Get your head out of the sand before it’s too late.
As for the HAARP, it can control the weather. It can beam 1 gigawatt of energy up at the ionosphere. The Ionosphere reflects that back to the Earth at a predetermined point 100 times stronger. This is more than enough to direct a hurricane, NOT create one but direct one. As you know storms follow the natural flow of the Earth’s magnetic field. Change the magnetic field lines, and you can change the direction of the hurricane. Too easy. It’s not about Governments anymore but corporations. They are the new Monarchy!

> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
13th October 2005 - 20h20 - Posted by 147.**.228.***
This person has revealed their vast ignorance which is precisely why dictaotships are so successful!

Unrealized by this individual is the fact that their entire belief structure and knowledge base was programmed by the very people whose purpose and goal it is to dumb-down the population to make them all the more manipulable and controllable. Although they so astutely observe that there is a certain level of corruption in every government, they overlook the fact that in any given population the vast majority of individuals are perilously ignorant and almost always of markedly inferior intelligence.

The example they use as more likely targets of man-made cyclonic storm systems by an assumed tyrannical government...mid-eastern oil and S. African diamond fields...bellows their ignorance. For one, diamonds and oil are among the most abundant substances on this earth. It is well known by those who do research that the only reason that oil and diamonds are so highly priced is because of an engineered artificial scarcity.

This person is a glaring example of why totalitarianism has had such a long history of success on this planet. PURE, UNADULTERATED, IGNORANT DICTATORSHIP FODDER!!!!!

> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
7th September 2005 - 16h44 - Posted by 64.***.103.**
That is the dumbest thing I have heard yet. I grew up on the coasline of Florida. We’ve always had storms and hurricanes. They are a natural weather occurance....not warfare. If someone even begins to believe something that preposterous....I’m not sure what to say other than I’m sorry you are so confused.

> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
7th September 2005 - 17h11 - Posted by 66.**.255.***
You are the one confused and blinded!! I would put NOTHING past this Administration in their pursuit of higher oil prices, contractc for Haliburton, profits for Drug Companies, and oh, $$$$.
Open your eyes.. these are their priorities, not you or the other Americans!

> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
7th September 2005 - 17h13 - Posted by 66.**.255.***
This could also be the answer for the one million dollar question...."Why did they wait so long to send help in"? They may have needed to cover theirtracks!

> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
7th September 2005 - 22h12 - Posted by 66.**.206.***
While Skolnick is a bit of a crackpot, he’s probably closer to the trurth than any of us dare imagine. The technology needed to manufacture a hurricane may be beyond the means of contemporary science, though feeding one with superheated water like that in the Gulf of Mexico (90 degrees) as Katrina advanced may actually be possible and doable. More than probable is the dynamiting of the levees by government operatives. That’s what flooded New Orleans.

And take a look at the stock market. The Dow is up more than 200 points since August 26. Apparently, disaster is good for business. Creative destruction at its very best.

> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
8th September 2005 - 03h53 - Posted by 66.**.255.***
Check out the increase in Haliburton Stock also....that’s what this group is ALL at any cost!

> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
21st September 2005 - 15h20 - Posted by 64.***.37.**
"Wednesday 7th September 2005 by Share - That is the dumbest thing I have heard yet. I grew up on the coasline of Florida. We’ve always had storms and hurricanes. They are a natural weather occurance....not warfare. If someone even begins to believe something that preposterous....I’m not sure what to say other than I’m sorry you are so confused."

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - William Shakespeare (Hamlet)




Read up Horatio. Your philosophy is showing badly...


> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
8th September 2005 - 04h18 - Posted by 210.**.192.***
Come off it. Its not time to be spinning conspiracies without the slightest evidence. Global warming is far more likely - then being caused by oil (or the burning thereof) does make sense. It’s time for america to accept that warming is a reality, that is closely related to the use and abuse of oil, and that the environment itself is in control here, responding to human impact. To argue a case without even acknowledging the impact of warming is shortsighted and will only prolong the ignorance of the real issues and causes.

> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
8th September 2005 - 04h20 - Posted by 210.**.192.***
- you’ll be pulling the illuminati/masonic/al-qaeda/communist/satanist/zionist/nazi shadow government conspiracy out in moment, right?

> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
9th September 2005 - 00h37 - Posted by 63.***.109.***
This is a great report! Thanks for speaking out! Yes it is hard for the uninformed to even thing that there are people out there that do bad things. - very bad things. Even though the information is out there they are still in denial. Good article lets hope maybe some day they will wake up esp. now that we have



> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
9th September 2005 - 00h38 - Posted by 63.***.109.***
This is a great report! Thanks for speaking out! Yes it is hard for the uninformed to even thing that there are people out there that do bad things. - very bad things. Even though the information is out there they are still in denial. Good article lets hope maybe some day they will wake up esp. now that we have



> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL? HAARP ionospheric heater
17th September 2005 - 10h17 - Posted by 66.*.238.***
UN-banned weapon system can trigger hurricanes, earthquakes ....the military’s semi-secret High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP),

Bloom, co-host of Cloak and Dagger, in 2004, coined the term, HAARPICANE. I don’t mean to suggest that Katrina was driven by HAARP or scalar waves - though I could.

Check out these circular weather patterns. See this example of holes: mainorg/weather.html

Is it HAARP?

maybe it’s not the weather but the sat image being "jammed"?

" is possible not only to interfere with third party communications but to take advantage of one or more such beams to carry out a communications network even though the rest of the world’s communications are disrupted. Put another way, what is used to disrupt another’s communications can be employed by one knowledgeable of this invention as a communication network at the same time."

Or it really could be the weather being affected?

physicist Bernard Eastlund ... ’Taming Twisters - proposes using microwave beams to prevent tornadoes by having Earth-orbiting satellites do the job.

H.A.A.R.P. is a controversial high frequency radio transmitter, or "ionospheric heater". The military intends to use this billion-watt pulsed radio beam in our upper atmosphere, creating extremely low frequency waves, or ELF waves.

"You can virtually lift part of the upper atmosphere," Eastland told OMNI, "You can make it move, do things to it." One of the tricks Eastland envisioned involved "surgically" distorting the ionosphere to disrupt global communications. Pushing the upper atmosphere around might also generate high-altitude "drag" that could heat and deflect enemy missiles or surround them with "high-energy electrons" that might cause the missiles to detonate in mid-trajectory.
Using "plumes of atmospheric particles to act as a lens or focusing device," Eastland proposed redirecting sunlight and heat to different parts of the Earth’s surface, making it possible to manipulate wind patterns.

"Because the upper atmosphere is extremely sensitive to small changes in its composition," OMNI cautioned, "merely testing an Eastland Device could cause irreversible damage."

Hurricane Katrina: The Bush administration are the gainers not the Russians .
20th September 2005 - 23h09 - Posted by 68.***.108.***
The Bush administration are creating these hurricanes to steal billions.

Thunderstorm Solar Power Satellite - microwave technologies 2001

HAARP, as we have stated, does not appear to possess the ability to alter the weather over disparate geographic locations, and has only a minute ability to do anything locally - but the new satellite systems certainly would solve that problem. With a fleet of these satellites, it could be conceivable that the weather over any geographic location could be modified at will - provided the system actually works. Borderlands published a book related to this in 1995 called Secrets of Cold War Technology: Project HAARP and Beyond.

If they want to shut Alex Jones up for exposing the truth about 9 11 (controlled demolition) and all the suicide bombings being MK ultra in Iraq (electricity, fear and microwaves), they just send Texas a 200 mile an hr hurricane and destroy Austin Texas. Then they ask for another 400 billion to rebuild which most would go to Bush friendly people or companies and we will never see even a billion dollar rebuild just like Iraq they have already run out of money ... where did it all go Iraq’s oil paid for all the rebuilding but they are broke after all the billions they received all of which are borrowed from other nations. Lawlessness is certainly abounding. Soon they will cross the Damascus Line of no return. Four Hurricane hit Florida last year = Jeb Bush . Jeb Bush was also running security for the sept 11 towers the day they got hit and now Karl Rove receives 200 billion to rebuild New Orleans.

Meet hurricane Rita which is making a bee line for Austin Texas right now today

This year’s fast-forming hurricanes buck trend, puzzle meteorologists

it’s right on the main page.

Russia would not help The Bush administration destroy the world economy for the Bush ADM’s gain. The Russians would be doing this to thier own people so they could get the multibillion dollars releif effort payouts in their own hands . This is an AMERICAN MADE weapon of mass distruction. Thunderstorm Solar Power Satellite - microwave technologies 2001

> Hurricane Katrina: The Bush administration are the gainers not the Russians .
21st September 2005 - 16h06 - Posted by 64.***.44.***
You are on the right "track" brother but not close enuff’ Your sattellite is quite real. But there is only one. Really big one. It can insert megawatts of energy to an Earth target. It collects only solar power too. Efficient huh? It was invented during Reagan SDI period. Its more deadly than the ABL laser platforms out of Kirtland AFB. Makes a great Spacecoast 2020 weather weapon too.

OK folks "hold on to your butts" (Samuel L. Jackson in Jurrasic Park) here’s an awful revelation. No not Karl "Valerie Plame" Rove being put in charge of NOLA by Bush. That’s bad enuf’ No not the $200 Billion bucks that will somehow strangely disappear in to a mountain cave somewhere in US like the $300 billion bucks to Iraq did. No this one should enrage every loyal American BIG TIME!

FEMA, in it’s old Mike Brown-esk infinite wisdom, will now NOT being paying off on quite a lot of Gulf victim claims!!! The ones that will get something will NOT be getting enough to cover their losses. The personal lines insurance companies are getting out of it too as some victims did not have flood coverage as they thought FEMA would kick in. Guess again. Commercial lines folks HAD commercial flood insurance so why would they get FEMA checks? They’re not. FEMA is trying to say this week in the news that Bush Admin. recently CHANGED the disaster pay off policy saying that "people misintrepreted the policy". The ex-FEMA Director (before Brown) does not agree! Hmmm... so what’s the $200 billion for if they aren’t going to pay off personal and commercial losses like they did for pre-Bush hurricanes and weather disasters? And why did Dubya’ just sign the Rita "disaster orders" for lil’ brother JEB when Florida did NOT have ANY Rita-related damages at all!!! WTF is going on here? Is this family corrupt? Oh sorry I forgot they are...

STANDBY FOLKS FOR THE BIG QUAKE IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA! If this nut is as predictable as he is proving to be then according to Clinton’s ex-defense sec’y be prepared for a big shake and bake! Where’s that multi-billion dollar reflief coming from? Imagine if they finally realize that Fort Knox IS really empty! If it wasn’t back in 1974 when that West Virginia conspiracy theory nut and his congressman deep-throat nut said it was then it must be by now. What’s next? Bush saying EU please save us as we are soooo broke! But EU, just like you put my chronie-boy Herr Wolfawitz in charge of your WORLD bank... I want the.... [you fill in the blank].


> Hurricane Katrina: The Bush administration are the gainers not the Russians .
21st September 2005 - 16h21 - Posted by 64.***.32.**
Come on if this Bush weather hurricane control thing is actually true (and I hope you see the obtuse humor in this next line)... "We impeached the last guy for a much more harmless blow job!"

> Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
14th February 2006 - 07h16 - Posted by 152.***.100.**
I hate to say this, but I have been saying the same thing ever since we left our home for the storm.. 2 years ago they tested St. Bernard Parish for oil. Under all of the homes there were machines set up. There is actually a class action suit against the company doing the testing because they damaged homes in the process of exploding tnt under the homes. I wonder why there was little footage of SAt. Bernard Parish which is being completely forsaken in New Orleans shadow. It is rich in oil and convenient;ly being igored. Why destroy Alaska when they just had to wipe out Southeast Louisiana. They are not even pretending to help. Over 70,000 people just in this parish (county) . They already began drilling for oil in fronnt of the Church! I will take a photo and post it for you when I get the time. I bet there is a reason for the lack of rebuilding going on. I believe it is oil. I know the capabilitly is there. Weather control is listed in the U.S patent for HAARP. Noone is helping us rebuild. I don’t know what all of the money donated from other countries is being used for. If they are not rebuilding homes and businesses and people have to make loans to do it then where is the relief money going? Temporary housing? What a freaking joke. Red Cross continues to ask people to help Katrina Victims but they assure victims that they can get only 1 time cash asstance of little more $300.00 per family member. I know they have other things to pay for but come on. I know the people out there giving for the victims want the victims to get it. NOT THE GOVERNMENT. If someone can come up with a better reason to leave a thriving city of 78,000 people out of the news and claim New Orleans poor as the hardest hit "victims". They lost little because they had little to lose. The hard working community of St. Bernard Parish was who got the worst of the storm along with the entire rest of Louisiana south and southeast of New Orleans. Entire communities wiped off the face of the earth. Delacroix Island, Hopedale, Chalmette, Meraux, Arabi, Buras, Empire, Slidell . These places were taken off the map damn near. The Mississippi Gulf Coast shared in the worst hit status as well but rebuilding there has begun. Why do we keep hearing that New Orleans got the worst of it? They did not. Something is definately up. There is alot of oil there.

I am not selling my property to anyone. Murphy Oil has been trying to buy the house out surrounding them for years. They spilled a million gallons of crude oil across my community. How easy was that to get desperate people to sell out. I bet in the end they will take it from us through immenant domain. We will just have to wait and see.

This is America not some other country. Insurance money does not cover rebuilding. What makes other countires get rebuilt but not ours? Please watch this video of the area. Copy and paste the link below. You need a high speed connection to view. You will not see this on TV.

also photos can be seen here


I am not a freak. I really think something is up. ZZ

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Code Pink Challenges White House
May Monday 15th -03:14
by : William Hughes
2 comment(s).
Fanning the Flames of Dissent
May Monday 15th -01:46
by : fidelista
Gathering of mothers in front of the White House for peace in Iraq and Iran
May Sunday 14th -21:59
by : che
3 comment(s).
Morgan Reynolds DIRECTOR OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE bush 2001-2:Media hide truth: 9/11 was inside job
May Sunday 14th -00:22
17 comment(s).
NEW YORK Times’ Frank Rich: Any ’witch hunt’ for traitors should begin in the White House
May Sunday 14th -00:10
by : Simpleton Says:
7 comment(s).
VIC Conference marks fourth anniversary of defeat of coup against President Chavez
May Saturday 13th -22:41
by : Joelle
2 comment(s).
Dear President Bush
May Saturday 13th -20:10
by : villy
4 comment(s).
May Saturday 13th -15:05
by : Simpleton Says:
6 comment(s).
LATIN AMERICA-EU: Cooperation or Dependency? BY Julio Godoy (IPS)
May Saturday 13th -08:42
by : joelle
Video Evidence of the Twin Towers and Building 7 Collapses
May Saturday 13th -08:38
by : immanuel
VIENNA SUMMIT : Live video streaming of the Meeting with the Presidents Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez
May Saturday 13th -08:28
by : joelle
1 comment(s).
Corporate Media’s Threat to Democracy:"Whoever controls the media, controls the peoples’ minds."
May Saturday 13th -08:23
by : joelle
2 comment(s).
VIENNA SUMMIT : LATIN AMERICA-EU: Transnational Corporations Stand Condemned
May Saturday 13th -08:20
by : joelle
May Saturday 13th -08:02
by : johan
Majority of Israelis Want Gov’t to Encourage Arabs to Leave (
May Saturday 13th -07:39
4 comment(s).
Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State
May Saturday 13th -07:19
by : henry
6 comment(s).
Third Reich Tyrants
May Saturday 13th -03:01
by : Cindy Sheehan
9 comment(s).
XENOPHOBIA: America’s Flip-Flop
May Saturday 13th -01:07
by : villy
2 comment(s).
VENEZUELA : The Bush Administration is Trying to Link Hugo Chavez to Iran’s Nuclear Program
May Friday 12th -23:47
by : joelle
1 comment(s).
ARGENTINA : "The Disappeared."
May Friday 12th -23:41
by : johan
May Friday 12th -23:00
by : joelle
2 comment(s).
Emergency Aid May Be Too Little, Too Late for Palestinians Trying to Survive a Crisis (commondreams)
May Friday 12th -22:48
by : johan
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