Beware Of Chattanooga Chemtrails - And Replies
posted January 24, 2006

It takes two seconds of our time, yet in Chattanooga nobody seems to do it.....look up. Look up into our skies. Nine out of ten days, nobody seems to notice our skies under attack.

Ever noticed the jets zig-zagging across our skies, leaving trails behind that last most of the day and which eventually turn into fake clouds? The military jets which produce giant X's and tic-tac-toe patterns, trails that go from one horizon to the other, and do not dissipate as ice crystals do.

This leaves our skies, on most days, a mess of white haze, as the trails cross over one another. This is not normal. They are what's known as chemtrails.

Ground samples taken after a day of heavy spraying have concluded that inside these trails are many metals (aluminum, barium, etc.) and many forms of bacteria, which fall onto the ground, and into our bodies. If you notice, the planes tend to spray most heavily in the direction of the sun. This is because the sun heats the metals so that the bacteria have a better chance of survival as they fall to the ground.

This is not a theory. Congress has even taken this issue up. Now Bush has signed into law the Weather Modification Act of 2005. This makes the spraying legal.

I urge everybody in Chattanooga reading this to take a few seconds each day to simply look up. You wil see I am no quack...this is really happening and has been for years.

Then I urge you to inform our officials. It will do no good, but simply give them an earful. Let them know you know. Take pictures and it wil not take long to collect 100s. Then inform others.

Even though the spraying of chemtrails is now legal, that doesn't make it right. Spread the word.

Cody Phillips


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