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Bureau casts doubts over rain redirection claims. 17/02/2006. ABC News Online

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Bureau casts doubts over rain redirection claims

The Bureau of Meteorology says it is sceptical about claims by a Melbourne company that it can redirect rain.

Aqui-ess has held meetings in the Wimmera, in western Victoria, to tell farmers about the technology, which principal David Miles says can deliver rain to order.

But bureau research scientist Tom Keenan says weather modification is a technology that has been fraught with problems.

"One of the issues with weather modification is to look at, if you undertake some modifications, whether those modifications that you tried to impose upon the weather actually had an effect or whether the effects would have happened anyway. So this has been a problem plaguing weather modification," he said.

Mr Miles says he would be willing to share his data with the bureau so it can help verify the results.

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