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Water Planning
The Kansas Water Office Planning Program, in cooperation with other state and federal agencies, prepare the state comprehensive plan for the management, conservation and development of Kansas' water resources.  The Kansas Water Plan is updated regularly and provides the framework for addressing the state's water problems, issues and concerns.

Water Conservation Project Fund - UARK Basin
The Water Conservation Project Fund received $9,684,425 of the $34,615,146 State of  Colorado payment to Kansas, as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Kansas v. Colorado lawsuit regarding violations of the Arkansas River Compact.  K.S.A. 82a-1803 instructs the Director of the Kansas Water Office to administer these funds in the affected area with priority to projects that achieve the greatest water conservation efficiency for the general good and those that have been required by the Department of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources.

Water Conservation Project Fund Application - Word Format - PDF Format

Facilitation Services
The Kansas Water Office provides facilitation services for people and organizations involved in water or natural resource related issues, whether they are between two parties or involve multiple parties.   Participation in facilitated sessions is voluntary.   These services are sponsored by the Governorís Sub-Cabinet on Natural Resources. 

Water Conservation
The Kansas Water Office has the statutory responsibility to develop and maintain guidelines for water conservation plans and practices, and to provide, or arrange to provide, technical assistance for water uses required to adopt and implement conservation plans and practices.  The Water Conservation Program has developed guidelines for municipal, industrial and irrigation water use.

Drought Monitoring
The Kansas Water Office has the statutory responsibility to advise the Governor on drought conditions and coordinates the Governor's drought response team.  The Drought Monitoring Program collects climate data from a variety of sources, monitors drought activities and publishes a Drought Report during periods of drought.   

Water Assurance
The Water Assurance Program was enacted in statute in 1986.  The purpose of the Program is to allow for coordinated operation of state-owned or controlled water storage space in federal reservoirs in a designated basin to satisfy downstream municipal and industrial water rights during drought conditions.  Water right holders are therefore assured to receive enhanced flow during times of drought by state operation of reservoirs in a basin as a system for increased efficiency in water delivery. 

Water Marketing
The 1974 Legislature enacted the State Water Plan Storage Act, which authorizes the KWO to contract with water purchasers for sale of water from state owned storage in federal reservoirs.  Water sold from these reservoirs must be used for municipal or industrial purposes.  The purpose of the Program is to develop adequate water supply storage to meet present and anticipate municipal and industrial water needs, in the best interests of the state.

Weather Modification
The KWO administrates the provisions of the Kansas Weather Modification Act which authorizes it to license operators and issue permits related to the weather modification programs in Kansas.  The purpose of this program is to insure that operations are safe to operators and the public and that the operations are beneficial to the state.

Lake Level Management
The purpose of Lake Level Management is to increase the benefits to recreational users and increase wildlife and aquatic habitat while protecting the flood control, water supply and water quality purposes of the lake.  The KWO is charged by the State Water Planning Act with negotiating and entering into agreements with the Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation regarding operation or releases of water from federal projects.  These two federal agencies are responsible for the operation and maintenance for the state's 24 federal lakes.

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