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Katrina: Force of nature or WMD?
Pocatello weatherman wants to know

By Mary Grossman


Pocatello weatherman Scott Stevens is thoroughly convinced that Hurricane Katrina was a terrorist attack committed by Japan ­ or maybe Russia ­ driven to the New Orleans coast to take down the U.S. economy. He also says the United States attempted but failed in its counter-measures to defend itself against her wrath. Stevens is not crazy. Heıs quite smart, thoughtful, and, most of all, patient as he carefully explains quantum physics to a 10th grade math drop-out. But Stevens admits that it may take several iterations of his theories, not to mention time, to intrigue even his colleagues. And heıs happy to wait. If thereıs time. He predicts a catastrophic earthquake to shake southern California in the very near future, which will further hasten our economic demise.

The day after explaining his controversial Katrina theories in an Aug. 30 interview with George Noory on Art Bellıs ³Coast to Coast AM² radio show, Planet Jackson Hole found Stevens in his KPVI News Channel 6 office scrambling to accommodate the barrage of interview requests from across the country. Stevens managed to escape and answer a few questions from the Planet.

Planet Jackson Hole: Explain your theories about Hurricane Katrina.

SS: Oh boy, since we now that there is an energy based technology that is capable of altering, managing, and even initiating the development of tropical storms like Katrina. Itıs very simple, once you do the background and become familiar with the science thatıs there, my job is to observationally look at the tops of clouds, look at the radar and see whatıs going on and there were anomylies there suggesting that there was the hand of man involved with Katrina.

PJH: Youıre referring to the right angles and squares present in the clouds?

SS: Yes, shapes you donıt find in a fluid were littered across this particular storm. Iıve seen hurricanes with more and then Iıve seen hurricanes with less, but this definitely had the hand of man.

PJH: How does Russia come into play?

SS: The Russians developed the technology of weather modification for use against the U.S. and other enemies. They have leased this technology to other groups and itıs these other groups who aggressively developed the cues, the targeting of weather modification. Itıs likely one of the groups, the Japanese Yakuza, were probably the ones responsible for Katrina. Itıs hard to know for sure, but they have stated that they want to equalize the situation after what we did at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

PJH: So what are these groups trying to accomplish?

SS: Supremacy. Itıs called asymmetric warfare, where one side is at a vast disadvantage verses another. Look at us in Iraq in 2003: That was asymmetric warfare. This is the same the same thing except this is deployed at soft targets in the U.S., where we have no protection. And there were in the last three deliberate withdrawal of funds to shore up those levies.

PJH: So are you saying we, the U.S., had a hand in this ‹

SS: No, what Iım saying is that target is even softer, more vulnerable, and that whole oil infrastructure was given a heads up last year with Hurricane Ivan ­ coincidentally another Russian sounding name ­ but whatıs curious was that Katrina was driven on top of the National Hurricane Center-Tropical Prediction Center at Coral Gables, Fla., which fell under the eye of this storm and the degree of control is that precise.

PJH: Why was New Orleans the target?

SS: New Orleans was a very soft target. Anytime you build a city as vast as New Orleans and protect it by cement walls itıs susceptable ... much like St. Louis was to the Mississippi in 1993, a similar event which caused massive flooding. And the oil infrastructure, the vast majority of the storm pointed into two cities: New Orleans and Houston, and New Orleans took the direct hit. Just before landfall, the eye morphed into a peanut kind of shape where we almost had two eyes forming, one still driving water into Lake Pontchartrain to ensure that those levies flooded, and then the other ensuring that the Gulf Coast of Mississippi had a direct hit.

PJH: So, would this be classified as a terrorist attack?

SS: Without question. Look at the results ... the only thing comparable in recent history is the tsunami in Asia eight months ago.

PJH: Looking at the images of Katrina from above, you mentioned anomalies. Can you explain these shapes?

SS: What weıre looking at is just geometry that wouldnıt happen in a fluid or gas, which constitutes the atmosphere. There shouldnıt be angles or repetitive, exactly same-sized circles at the tops of thunderstorms. Clouds that are making these right angles tells us that one of these angles is where the atmosphere is having momentum being introduced to it, so itıs like a snowplow pushing and then you get trailing off the edge of it, the dribbles behind.

PJH: In the simplest terms, is it possible to explain to us how this is done?

SS: What is happening is this technology is blurring the lines between the third dimension and the fourth dimension. Thereıs this energy membrane that separates the two dimensions and this technology plays at that point ... So it supplies [weather] unlimited energy, and quite frankly itıs an area of research the states has done very little about.

PJH: You say the United States has the technology to deploy what you call ³counter measures² to divert or defend modified weather like this, and it failed in this situation. What did we do wrong?

SS: This is just speculation... with other hurricanes weıll often see warm areas show up in the thunderstorms warming it, weakening it; the cloud tops are not reaching as far into the atmosphere. There wasnıt a complete absence of it, but it wasnıt as prevalent in this storm. Letıs just say I was disappointed in the counter measures. We should have ended up with something like Ivan, a good Category 2 or maybe Category 3 coming to shore. Ivanıs southern-southwestern eyewall collapsed just before landfall ... it was just a heavy rainer. With this one we got the ferocious winds, the 30-foot storm surge ... and then it happened close to high tide ...

PJH: So good counter measures would have ensured that it wouldnıt have come at high tide, it would have weakened before landfall ‹

SS: Right, and that didnıt happen. Whatıs also curious is that the Director of Homeland Security [Michael Chertof] said yesterday on CNN that they had been preparing for this disaster for weeks. How do you prepare for a disaster that hasnıt yet formed in a storm in the Bahamas? They knew it was coming ... and that means there is a playbook with these names and with personalities associated with these hurricane names largely already determined. This is going to be a leap for some people to take, but itıs something that needs to be considered ...

PJH: But if you are saying they were preparing for this for weeks, why were they scrambling?

SS: Thatıs a good question. And why has the response been so incompetent? I mean, if you watch the news, the response is inept and these people in New Orleans donıt have National Guard, they donıt have the relief efforts, and now theyıre afraid of going in because of this developing chaos ... itıs just a lack of leadership.

PJH: Immediately after the storm, there was a lot of chatter amongst environmentalists about global warming and how it affected this storm. Does this influence your theories at all?

SS: I think theyıre grasping for reasons for why weıre seeing this escalation in hurricane and bad weather activity. They donıt have another basis or source of data to go and look at, so they have to blame global warming ... and it has nothing to do with it. I mean global warming, yes, will provide more water vapor for the storm so it will get more rain, but it doesnıt account for the intensity or the intention of where it makes landfall.

PJH: Does global warming play into any of your theories at all?

SS: Because this technology has introduced vast amounts of energy thatıs drawn through that membrane I mentioned earlier, thatıs one of the reasons why we saw a dramatic ³up kick² in this planetıs warming beginning in the mid-ı70s, when these weather operations began. Partially at first, then full-time in the late ı80s. So, again, if they were aware of the technology, they would probably look at climate change very differently.

PJH: But donıt catastrophic disasters like this happen on a global basis all the time?

SS: They happen, but itıs the frequency and the intensity that has changed. And the ones that show up that are strong are directed toward population centers. And thatıs the difference. Weıre also not building very intelligently all the way up to the coasts. Weıre building in wetlands, weıre building in places that this planet has historically used as buffers. We have drained them and we have civilized them, if you want to put it that way, and this planet, whether itıs driven by man or not, will reclaim those locations. This disaster did not have to happen.

PJH: Whatıs your prediction for the next big disaster?

SS: Iım really thinking earthquake. Thereıs been some very unusual activity in southern California today alone. Upwards of 300 quakes near the Salton Sea area. I donıt know whether itıs targeting or itıs testing, whether energy is slowly being deposited in the crusts, but thatıs an interesting area. Thereıs pipelines from southern California, refineries, transmission lines into southern California from Arizona and into other portions of the Southwest. So, that would cut off Phoenix, that would cut off Yuma ... it would be a big deal. Time is short.



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