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WE, the undersigned of Santa Cruz, California draw attention to the following:

THAT aerial spraying has been observed occurring over Santa Cruz and also from California to Maine for at least the last two years;

THAT this aerial spraying has been carried out by large military type jet aircraft that create white plumes, which evidence suggests are chemical-laden (hereinafter "chemtrails") and often seen in the form of large "X's", "O's" and checkerboard patterns;

THAT this aerial spraying has been carried out without the knowledge or consent of the Santa Cruz people;

THAT chemtrails in the atmosphere across Santa Cruz and California can only adversely affect the health of our population, especially the children, the elders and the weak;

THAT the people of Santa Cruz have the inalienable right not to be sprayed with massive amounts of chemicals from the sky for whatever purpose; and

THAT many concerned citizens have already attempted to obtain explanations of this aerial chemtrail spraying activity from their elected representatives and from various government departments but with no success.

THEREFORE, your petitioners call upon you to act on behalf of your constituents to take the following actions:

(1) Pass a resolution supporting the original Space Preservation Act 2001 and the Space Preservation Treaty, which prohibits the use of space-based weapons and related aerial experimentation, including ‘chemtrails’; and

(2) Sponsor a temporary committee on behalf of the people to--

a) start an investigation to obtain full disclosure as to the purpose of the aerial spraying that has been occurring in Santa Cruz air space;

b) endorse appropriate letters to the FAA, DOD, EPA, and to all necessary departments and persons, calling for immediate cessation of all of space-based weapons and related aerial experimentation, including ‘chemtrails’, in Santa Cruz air space;

c) gather information from heath officials, hospitals, county clinics, and from all necessary groups, to study and correlate the health effects of said aerial spray operations; and

d) immediately disclose to the Santa Cruz public, when the information becomes available, any and all information pertaining to said aerial spray operations, including what the chemical composition is of the materials that have been sprayed in our air space.