Letter to the editor of Lassen County Times


If anyone has been paying attention for the last 8 months, then most of you should recognize what I mean when I say I am sick of being sick! In November of 2005, our house and senate representatives passed a bill to fund Weather Modification Research and Development.

Essentially this bill was accepted “To establish a coordinated national weather modification research and development program, and for other purposes.” “Research and development'” means theoretical analysis, exploration, experimentation, and the extension of investigative findings and theories of scientific or technical nature into practical application for experimental and demonstration purposes, including the experimental production and testing of models, devices, equipment, materials, and processes.(S 517) This experimentation has no public oversight of actions or expenditures.

This program, in contracted areas, is funded $10 mil directly each year from activation, not too mention the several hundred million from indirect funds coming from the participating agencies such as the EPA, DOE, NOAA etc.; $761 million in funding was given to the EPA for research and development this year alone. Astonishingly the board on this committee also made sure to incorporate, “Gifts: The board may accept, use, and dispose of gifts of services or property.” This makes this bill bought and paid for by not only taxpayers, but also heavily interested parties. I am worried new scientific technology has been experimentally used directly over our heads without our knowledge or approval. I am concerned that “Non-lethal Weapons,” are being tested on our population.

Have we unwittingly exposed ourselves and more drastically our children to possible irreversible damaging health effects? Recognizing the large increases in behavioral disorders, cardiopulmonary disease, lung cancer mortality, COPD, anxiety, depression, chronic sinus infections, heavy lupus concentrations and flare-ups, not too mention brain hemorrhaging; the possibility these weather and warfare experiments are being conducted in our very own Northern California skies is plausible. My children and hundreds of others have been ill for so long it is hard to remember the last time they were not sick. In recognition of the heavy increase in air traffic coupled with the saturation of chemtrails, I believe it is time to hold our representatives responsible. These experiments are known to cripple crops, and livestock further depleting a staple to this region, not to mention our vulnerabilities to Bird Flu and West Nile, through the impact on our immune systems. 31/2 hour waits in urgent care, three-month triple booking for our healthcare providers, decreasing school enrollment, increase in juvenile crime etc., are all a testament to the hazards of allowing experimentation in our skies. If you have wondered why school enrollment is on the decrease, look at the absences due to illness, perhaps it is time for anyone with children to leave. Staying here seems like an extreme act of child abuse anymore.

If you are sick of being sick, and would like a future without your children exposed to these government experiments-tell congressional representative Doolittle, and your neighbor, before it is too late. Stop being an experiment today!


Susanville, CA




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