The Connection Magazine once again proves they have the
courage to print the news you really need to know.

April 2006 Issue download issue
page 16 & 17


"...Small particles released during a military exercise."
This was a "nowcast" posted on a Santa Cruz weather website on April 16, 2004 and also
included both of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas. The "nowcast" revealed that
Doppler radar readings were being affected by "small particles released during a military
. It doesn't get much more blatant than this. Here we are being directly informed
that they are spraying "small particles" over populated areas
and yet we are being told this
in a manner as if it were just as natural of an occurance as the falling rain itself.


"Unveiling the Clouds Of Deception"
The Connection Magazine has been an important ally in the fight against chemtrails.
They have done a lot to help bring a greater public awareness to this important
issue by printing several articles about chemtrails. Below is one of those articles.
Click on the image below to read the full story.

Click here for a "Lively Letter" printed in the same Connection Magazine issue.


"Citizens Concerned Over Chemtrails"
An article that the City On A Hill Press printed on June 5, 2003


June 17, 2003:
The Santa Cruz Sentinal reports that the Southern portion of Santa Cruz County gets
sprayed by helicopters with "biological chemicals to help control mosquitoes, thus
the spread of diseases including the West Nile Virus
" even though "most people
infected with the virus, which is transmitted to humans by mosquitoes, do not
become ill
". This was done without the consent of the public!

May 19, 2004:
One year later after the above article, the Santa Cruz Sentinal announces
again that the Watsonville area gets sprayed. What bio-chemical cocktail
will it be this year? Did you consent to breathe in these particles?
The lies continue about West Nile Virus.
Read more on this subject.


See the end of Section 3 in this Board Meeting Agenda of the Pajaro Valley
Water Management Agency in Watsonville, CA. The board is presented with the
idea of "cloud seeding" as an option to overcome the water drought.


The Santa Cruz Sentinal reports that local Congressman Sam Farr was
confronted with with the issue of Chemtrails during his visit to Santa Cruz, CA.



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