The following highlighted notice was posted on the weather website, Wunderground.com, at
4:41PM, April 16, 2004 and was displayed with the weather forecast for the Santa Cruz,
California area. It was also displayed with the forecast for the San Francisco and Monterey
Bay areas. The notice was then removed from the website at approximately 6:30PM.

It doesn't get much more blatant than this. Here we are being directly informed that they
are spraying "small particles" over populated areas along with a forecast for rain.
Common sense says that the rain is going to bring a lot of those "small particles" down with
it and we're going to be breathing it in. What goes up must come down, rain or no rain.
There are many unknown health risks involved yet here we are being told that it is occurring
as if it were just as natural of an occurance as the falling rain itself.

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We did not consent to breathe this in! Were we asked for our consent to be a part of
this?! Where's the oversight as to what is really being sprayed?! This is involuntary
exposure with no concern for the health of the public!
The whole region is being
sprayed with who knows what and they aren't accountable to anyone it seems!

We the people have the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.
We have the right to breathe freely without worry of breathing in
"particles" from an "exercise" by our very own Military!!

Please don't just sit there and take it!! Get involved!!


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