Now our school children are even being taught about the
aerial 'sunscreen' concept!

In the Level 1 Science book, "Essential Interactions" by Centre Point Learning, Inc., a photo of a jet is titled "Particle Air" and is followed with: "Could we deliberately add patrticles to the atmosphere? Jet engines running on richer fuel would add particles to the atmosphere to create a sunscreen". This is in the section titled "Solutions for Global Warming". The textbook also shows a helicopter dumping iron into the ocean to stimulate growth of carbon-dioxide eating phytoplankton, which we know is also already being done (see "Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming" link above). Our children are taught this in our schools yet adults are still in denial and being told that no such concept or practice exists. Ironically, your child may know more about chemtrails than you do.

The following is from a concerned citizen:

"Hmmm. Well I see they are teaching my children about chemtrails and geoengineeering the earth in their 7th grade class. Those 'adults' who still have any question about the 'spray programs' should perhaps just ask their kids.

Though I try and stay on top of what my children are learning, this was the first time I saw this section of the Centre Point Learning Science I Essential Interactions Science book (Be REAL interesting to see the politics of the folks putting this out.)

From the 5.19 section of "Solutions for Global Warming", I learn the following right next to a picture of a 'commercial' looking jet plane with orange/red paint on the upper half (familiar) and a Logo saying "Particle Air" (I kid you not):

"Figure 1- Jet engines running on richer fuel would add particles to the atmosphere to create a sunscreen".!!! (my exclamation marks)

Well, why did I spend all of that time doing research when I could have just ask my kids!

And not to be outdone I also learned from their book under the heading "Use Sun Block" (and they are being taught this at school) that the other answer to the books question "Could we deliberately add particles to the atmospere" is the suggestion that "Burning coal adds soot to the air. Creating either kind of sunscreen would be cheap."

Well, again, I never would have guessed. Cheap, huh. Burning coal!? I scanned the page further looking for the section on costs associated with the health affects but suprisingly that section seemed to have been left out. ...The Chapter was after all entitled "Solutions for Global warming", not SOLUTION as in singular form. Where was technology that would cut additions of fossil fuels and replace with clean energy. Where was solar, wind, hydro, hydrogen [etc.] ...Also the cost to the solar industry and the 'value' of the loss of sunlight etc. You would think that if they had the space to also include a picture of a helicopter seeding the ocean with iron (which they did), that they could have also perhaps at least showed planting trees, or turning down thermostats, or bicycling, or any of the other ways not to ADD to the problem.

Though we gave up the idea of home schooling, perhaps time to reconsider. Hmmmm."

- SmT
February, 2004

Now our children are being conditioned to accept the thought of being sprayed
because it's supposedly "for our own good". Trained at a young age to accept what has
already been researched and is now being implemented daily, but no one of authority will
admit it... yet. They're waiting for our conditioned children to grow up. Then they'll admit it.
What is your child reading at school??

Let's not teach our children that it is better to pollute the air with harmful materials and
endanger our health and freedom just so we won't have to regulate fossil-fired energy
production or practice environmental responsibility. Tell the children the truth!

Feel free to contact Centre Pointe Learning, Inc.
and give them your comments on the matter.


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