These are just a few of the e-mails we've gotten from concerned citizens
witnessing and reporting chemtrails in their areas. This illegal chemical
spraying activity is being noticed and people are looking up, waking up, and
speaking out.


Letter to the editor of Lassen County Times


From Mt. Vernon, IL:

September 26 , 2004


From El Sobrante, CA:

"I was sitting at the County swimming pool watching some kids (play with chemtrails over their heads) and took photos with my digital camera."

- M.M. in El Sobrante, CA
July 9, 2004


From Nashville, TN:

"Hello! I work... ...in Murfreesboro, TN (just outside of Nashville). I was checking out the live webcam atop our highest skyscraper here in Nashville from the local TV station. I grabbed these two images a couple minutes apart because I believe they're pretty good views of Chemtrails! Check it out and let me know if you think these could be Chemtrails and feel free to use these on your site! Keep up the good work!"

- C.M. in Nashville, TN
May 20, 2004

6:55 PM:                                                                       7:19 PM:


From Vancouver, WA:

- R.R. in Vancouver, WA
March 28, 2004


From Cambria, CA:


- P.M. in Cambria, CA
March 5, 2004


From Salem, WI:

"Thanks so much for keeping me on your mailing list and for forwarding the e-mail regarding the reference to geo-engineering the atmosphere in the childrens' science book. This is just one more example of what is possibly the most frightening aspect of the chemtrail and geo-engineering program; the apparent total integration and control being exercised at some high and politically unaccountable level of government over the deliberate presentation of images and information to condition the public and raise the barrier to concious awareness of a program that has been fully operational for at least five years now. This mental conditioning approach combined with Americans' natural reluctance to believe that "our government" would ever attempt something on this scale so injurious to human health, has been very successful and makes it extremely difficult to raise the awareness of even very environmentally concerned individuals (especially when the most respected environmental NGO's are participating in the deception and cover-up).

Just so you don't feel your area is getting all the "benefits" of this federal program, here... [is a] photo of [a] 'sunset'... over LaCrosse, WI. Our area, which had crystal-clear air before chemtrailing began in 1999, is now absolutely saturated every day (and night!) with particulate aerosol and this is reflected in the extremely brilliant redness of the early morning and evening skies. A heavy greyish white smog fills the river valley in which the population center is located, and is far worse than what I used to see even on the worst smog days, while living in the Concord, CA area some years ago. It will be sad for the country if another presidential election farce moves to it's conclusion in November with none of the candidates having to address the clouds of chemtrail deception and lies hanging over this country, and in fact the whole world. Thanks for your great website and for you efforts to bring awareness to this issue! Best Regards."

- R.W. in Salem, WI
February 26, 2004


From Austin, TX:

"Someone came around the neighborhood the other evening with a petition regarding chemtrails. I wasn't home....my neighbor told me...she signed and donated."

- K. in Austin, TX
February 26, 2004


From Vancouver, WA:

"Hi there. Attached are some photo's of the chemtrails across our skies ALL DAY yesterday. We live in Vancouver, WA [across the river from Portland, Oregon]. We finally have a break from the countless days of rain. And of course, the skies are blanketed with chemtrails from sunrise to dusk. They are at it again today. This is unbelievable."

- R. & E. in Vancouver, WA
February 21, 2004



From Minnneapolis area, MN:

"It was 3:30pm January 15 and me and a friend were driving in Burnsville and noticed a plane which appeared to be spraying. So we followed it with our eyes and saw other planes flying at a similar altitude emmiting no visible exhaust. The plane that was spraying was flying at an altitude higher than could be identifiable. It looked like the typical grey-green unmarked plane... Anyhow this plane whipped a turn so sharp there is no way it was a passenger craft. It did a kind of V in the sky and changed directions laying thick trails. I saw at one point what looked like 4 plumes of chemtrails coming out of one plane! right over Burnsville. I then saw 2 more planes spraying... This is getting scary."

- R. in the Minneapolis area, MN
January 15, 2004


From San Francisco, CA:

"(01/04/04 9:15 AM) San Francisco was sprayed throughout the night and now, at this time, grids are being layed south of SF (over Daly City and Pacifica) by at least 3 planes and the chemtrails are very long--stretching from over the ocean as far southeast as we can see from the front of our house, which is located on a high hill and gives us a wide southern view."

- A. L. in San Francisco, CA
January 4, 2004


From Los Banos, CA:

"Great website. We live inland from you in Los Banos and when they spray over you it generally drifts our way, although we see the planes spraying over the Sierra mountain range and south of Fresno too. We noticed them about 5 years ago and I found a glob of jelled substance or two on my van one early morning after a couple of days of spraying."

- R.M. in Los Banos, CA
January 3, 2004


From the Monterey Bay area:

"I did not see planes yesterday (12/27/03) but the sky was very white rather than blue. Today the planes and trails appeared early before dawn. Now at 9am there is a lot of trails that turn into 'aerosol banks'. These planes started out over the Monterey Bay and lay down long trails that form clouds. Last week before Chirstmas there were many days when spraying was heavy all day and into the night. We must spread the news, peace, and love to all."

- Tim in the Monterey Bay area
December 28, 2003


From Lompico, CA:

"I don't know about downtown today, but up here in Lompico there were major trails all over.
Twas the day after christmas and all through the skies,
the chemtrails were wafting, twas burning their eyes.
And the coughing and darkness o'er took all the land,
while the planes fly bout daily, and made everybody sad."

- D. R. in Lompico, CA
December 26, 2003


From Waterbury, Connecticut:

"[These were] taken 12/23/03, at 4pm. Laying down some nice crisp trails!"

- Mell in Waterbury, Connecticut
December 23, 2003



Chemtrails in Arizona and Texas:

"I drove across the country from coast to coast during December 16 and 20 and saw chemtrails along the way, mainly in Arizona and Texas. I was shocked to see how much they were spraying in the Phoenix area. It was amazing and appalling. I've never before witnessed such an intense amount of spraying in one area and in one day. When you're spending 12 hours a day driving under the big open sky, you sure have a lot of time to watch that sky and the changes taking place. In the Phoenix area, I watched the planes spray in parallels, X's, and tic-tac-toes, and then watched as the trails grew and grew until the sky was completely 'overcast' in several hours with haze from those trails. It's very convincing and alarming when one has the opportunity to watch the sky non-stop as I did and witness what I did. I wish I had the ability to do time-lapse photography of the spraying. However, I did take these photos along the way."

- Nomad
December 21, 2003



From Western North Carolina:

"Hi, I am located in Western North Carolina over Lake James. We are being swamped with X's and rows of chemtrails. Back in May the local newspaper had written a small article about Lake James having a New 3-D program with NASA. We all have been sick and on antibiotics for months. In the morning after a large spray day you can see specs that look like mica all over the grass and porch. We are located in the Pisgah National Forest. Duke Energy owns most of the land... ...When I read your web page things started to make more sense. I have pictures of the jets spraying with another jet diretly behind it without spraying... ...People look at me like I am insane when I bring this up. HELP!! Thanks."

- R.P. in Western North Carolina
December 12, 2003


From Eastern North Carolina:

"It's been almost daily over Eastern North Carolina. Sunday night there were tic-tac-toe's all over the sky just before sunset."

- MaXine in Eastern North Carolina
December 10, 2003


From Yukon, Canada:

"Hi - I'm at your website - excellent information & presentation. Best of luck with tackling this really alarming problem. I sincerely hope you are successful. For myself, I live in the Yukon territory in Canada & just noticed chemtrails for the first time this last week over the city of Whitehorse where I live. Probably spraying has happened before but I just didnt understand what I was seeing. I'll have a camera ready next time & will be documenting spraying in my area from now on. Best wishes from Lostcoyote."

- Lostcoyote in Yukon, Canada
December 9, 2003


From Austin, TX:

"Monitoring Austin, TX skies over last several months. Have lots of photos like this one. My sister in LA says they chemtrail there almost every day. Thanks for sticking your neck out with this site and good luck to us all."

- J. H. in Austin, TX
November 30, 2003


From Anderson, South Carolina:

"Once again, we here in the upstate of South Carolina have been oversprayed by the 'Tanker Patrol'. I was outside of my home here in Anderson, S.C. getting ready to head to the carwash on a (what had earlier in the day been) beautiful clear day, when I saw these extensive patterns overhead and dashed inside to get my digital camera for some shots…I took a couple of pictures from my driveway. And then proceeded to my regular self-service carwash about 3 miles from the house and got a few more shots from the parking lot while I was there.

Then, as I was returning home to my driveway once more, I got this shot of two aircraft. One had been sort of flying ahead of and beside of the spraying aircraft at what seemed to be the same altitude but with no trail whatsoever, but the other planes always had massive trails following them."

- K.G. in Anderson, South Carolina
November 22, 2003

stop chemtrails



From Carmel, CA:

"Thanks for the information. I have been observing chemtrails for years over Monterey, and I want to know what can be done to stop it. Here are some photos which I took in Carmel on the afternoon of Nov. 5th. I saw some more jets over the Monterey Peninsula leaving these trails this past Sunday, November 25th."

- Tom in Carmel, CA
November 26, 2003



From Michigan:

"45 miles North of Detroit Michigan. 10:45 A.M. Sitting at desk and looked out at sky and thought how remarkably brilliant, cloudless, and blue the sky was. 15 minutes later I looked up and was presented with this view...."

- Tom in Michigan
November 20, 2003


From Ohio:

"It started off as a beautiful day. We kept seeing them spray and spray. Seeing the usual chemtrail lines. Before we knew it, the sky was cloud covered where they had spred out. I looked up and saw this ring above. I was like 'what the...'. It was actually worse before we took the photos!! It really did look like the stuff was falling from the sky. Whisping downward. I started walking covering my mouth as much as I could. We do live in the city but these are from planes. We saw them but it was like this circle appeared from nowhere. That is not a flaw in the pic. That is a small chemtrail . We get lots of chemtrails that lead to clouds-like but never saw it do the circle like this before. Don't want to either. My husband agreed that Sat. was probably the worst we ever saw it."

- Ohio resident
November 8, 2003



From San Jose, CA:

"Hi. Yes, I saw the plane(s). They are visible to me, leaving the trails all afternoon. And last night I woke up at midnight very ill. I feel my health is really being affected by the spraying."

- Tracie in San Jose, CA
October 23, 2003


From England:

"Have done a lot of traveling here in England and spraying everywhere I have gone. Same patterns as portland. Several planes. I live in Oregon USA and we have daily spraying and have had for years. Now in Nottingham UK, same chemtrails here."

- J.H. in England
September 28 , 2003


"Just got back from chicago. Was a great trip. You know what the first thing I noticed about chi-town when I got off the airplane at O'hare int'l. airport thursday morning? Chemtrails, 3 of them. One really long one and two going right across each other. Surprised? Didn't have a camera tho so I couldn't snap it. Sorry."

- R.Q
September 25 , 2003



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