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Chemtrails in Arizona and Texas:

"I drove across the country from coast to coast during December 16 and 20 and saw chemtrails along the way, mainly in Arizona and Texas. I was shocked to see how much they were spraying in the Phoenix area. It was amazing and appalling. I've never before witnessed such an intense amount of spraying in one area and in one day. When you're spending 12 hours a day driving under the big open sky, you sure have a lot of time to watch that sky and the changes taking place. In the Phoenix area, I watched the planes spray in parallels, X's, and tic-tac-toes, and then watched as the trails grew and grew until the sky was completely 'overcast' in several hours with haze from those trails. It's very convincing and alarming when one has the opportunity to watch the sky non-stop as I did and witness what I did. I wish I had the ability to do time-lapse photography of the spraying. However, I did take these photos along the way."

All the photos on this page (except the last two) were taken on December 19, 2003:
The following photos were taken outside Phoenix, AZ:

"Notice how this pattern spreads and is added to in the next three photos:"

The following photos were taken west of Phoenix, AZ on Interstate 10 (12/19/03):

"I watched as three planes sprayed the following 'claw scratch' design at the same time
and in perfect unison. I don't know of any commercial aircraft that are allowed to fly that
close to each other at the same time.
It's absolutely unheard of."
stop it

"So... how many chemtrails do YOU see in the photo below? This is amazing. And we're told that
this is normal? If so, then there's something wrong with 'normal'. I want my natural sky back!!"

stop it

"After a while, it just started to become one big 'overcast' sky."

"There isn't a single natural cloud in the photo above or below."

"By the mid-afternoon, the trails were all spread out to the point that the sky was completely covered. If anyone were to look up for the first time in the day and see the sky, it would just appear to be naturally overcast. But I witnessed it all, from the time the planes were spraying to the time the trails from those planes spread out to completely cover the sky. Like I said, spending 12 hours a day on the road really gave me a chance to observe the sky and its activity. There's nothing more powerfully convincing than witnessing something with your own eyes. We really need to get people looking up more often and paying attention. This has got to stop!!"

The following photos were taken in western Texas on December 18, 2003:

"These look like normal clouds but I watched them being sprayed earlier in the day."


- Nomad
December 21, 2003



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